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Sam hiding a bone ❤️

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Ollie immediately eats his food, treats and bones. Sam saved his bones. Graciously accepted the bone, sneak off and hide the bone, always in the same spot and forgot all about it. So I would dig it up later in the day and give it again next time. He always was happy when he was presented with a bone but never ate them, not even when he didn't hide it and left it lying around. He didn't care for food at all.
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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  1. SamSammy1:18
  2. gam5001:31
  3. jeannbob641:32
  4. JarkaT1:37
  5. ian19481:50
  6. shadow141:57
  7. Pascha2:03
  8. introvertka2:07
  9. wolflady2:07
  10. gogogo2:10


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It has been fun, reading the comments at this puzzle, and I love the photo! Thanks, Yvonne. ☀️♥︎☺︎♥︎☀️


Hi Faye, Jarka and Pat! Our dogs are so different and all so very special! ♥♥♥ Sam too tried to hide cookies on the carpet or the couch and I always worried about his nose getting sore.
Wat een verrassing Jarka! Om je Nederlands te lezen! Bob is meer zoals Ollie en Pajda als Sam! (What a surprise Jarka! To read your Dutch! Bob is more like Ollie is and Pajda is like Sam!)
Thank you Pat. Think I'm finally getting better. It was one thing after another and didn't have the energy to come to Jigidi or write. Hope from now on I will be more in touch!
Love and hugs to you all :))))


Bishka engulfs everything I give her, like she is starving. Sam was different, he like to hide things. He was the best dog. Hope you are doing a little better. Love & hugs my friend.


Mijn teckel Pajda deed hetzelfde. Toen ze naar de hondenhemel ging, vond ik de botten op verschillende plekken in de tuin. Bob kauwt op botten, verbergt niets. Hallo.


Coffee would sometimes try to hide her biscuit behind a cushion on the couch...and then try to bury it by brushing her nose along the couch towards the pillow. I had to stop her before she made her nose raw from the woven fabric.


Lol, thank you for the lovely comments Introvertka, Faye, Ardy, Jeannbob and Pascha! Yes, he did look up suddenly when he 'felt' I was watching him. Love that nose! It always was so very funny. And always that same spot he used in the garden. Sometimes with bad weather when I gave him something he would try to hide it in the living room but kept looking over his shoulder to see if I watched. If he caught me watching, he would pick it up and start looking for a new hiding place. But sometimes it was in plain sight after he had hid it and somehow he thought I wouldn't see it? Funny and lovely he was. Could write a book about him!
Lol, Ollie's treats and bones also don't last long enough to hide Jeannbob, he eats it all immediately! :)))) Love and hugs to you all.
PS: not really well yet Ardy. But getting there. ♥


She catcht me again...

My Poppy's bones don't last long enough to be buried.


She's watching, isn't she. How can I hide this bone while being watched and with a camera. Sam was so special, Yvonne. Hope you are feeling better.💖💖💖


Look at that nose! LOL Sam, you are such a "funny duck"...but so lovable! 💗💗💗


Sam ♥♥♥

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19 May 2021 - 12 March 2015
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