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The Rickroll Party

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The Canadian Federal Election Approacheth...

oh, what the hell, let's make this one of my soundtrack puzzles. Listen while you solve (open this youtube link in another tab)
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  1. Dilubreuer0:24
  2. alias2v0:38
  3. osersan0:39
  4. vent0:39
  5. Googly0:40
  6. rndixon0:40
  7. Ianto0:41
  8. Polymerase0:43
  9. radiojerry0:45
  10. jiri460:48


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thank you - you too!


"I feel a song coming up..." :-O
was my first thought, before I read the comments below. So I've adjusted mine now to: "See my first line." ;-) TFP & have a nice day 2morrow. :-))


That is an extremely impractical platform. For my part, I will be voting for HOME FREE' s cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow" which I cannot go a single day without watching several times since I found it a week ago.

I challenge you to only play it once.


you know how it is when someone new gets in, it doesn't take long before the voters regret their decision and start singing another tune...


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can he be bought for a song? ;-)


Cheers cappy, you too! I am up late so just hitting the sack now, but I'll take a nice day tomorrow if it's still on offer :)

have a nice day,

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