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Ice Cell

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Nature Photographer of the Year 2021
Nature art category winner
Ice Cell by Gheorghe Popa, Romania (Cuejdel Lake, Romania)

Gheorghe Popa says:

“Ice cell is one of the images from my 2021 Ice Anatomy project photo series. Ice Anatomy is an aerial serie of photos of the Cuejdel Lake in Romania during the winter when it is completely frozen. The fresh snow and the ice cracks created these shapes that resemble neurons or just cells. My project Ice Anatomy follows the transformations of the ice on the lake over several winters. This is a subject that I have been pursuing for more than two years and I came up with the idea during a winter, when I observed the shapes and cracks appear on the surface of the lake after the process of frosting and defrosting.”

Courtesy of The Guardian and NPOTY
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My pleasure!

Who knew ice could be so interesting and artful, thanks as always for a great post.


Haha, it kinda looks like that, doesn't it? You're welcome, Gayle, and thanks for dropping in.


Such a fun and creative idea! This is your eye, on ice. Thanks, Bill!


You're most welcome, Jim, Janet, Cyndi, Lynn, luly, Elvis, Pat, and Marilee! I'm glad you all saw the beauty in it that I did and also enjoyed Gheorghe Popa's excellent website!


This is really interesting, and beautiful. All made more so by everyone's contributions. Thank you for posting.


Capillaries, trees talking to one another, nature repeats itself.


This is such a nice photo, Bill! Thanks for turning it into a puzzle for us! Thanks, too, for adding his website. There are other very good photos there, too!

...And just in time for Christmas! 🤪


This is so interesting and something that I have never thought about. Years ago when I learned how to ice skate in a lake in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, did I ever think about the ice cells, no! All I wanted was to skate and not fall down so many times. Well, here I am, now, and loved every minute that I spent looking at Gheorghe Popa’s photos and reading your info, Bill. Thank you! :-)

Great puzzle and info as usual, Bill. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Bill for posting this beautiful photo and information.


Thanks Bill, this is quite beautiful
and apropos as an icy weekend approaches for many!
Such a talented photographer, found more on his (very good) website:


Interesting concept, the cracks resemble the capillaries of our blood vessels. TFS Bill, have a great day.

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