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  1. nailsbydj1:02:20
  2. gd521:04:41
  3. clibby1:05:06
  4. Jhoma29991:06:46
  5. Josefa1:16:04
  6. bookke1:20:05
  7. Bluepaper1:21:24
  8. jara1:30:44
  9. laurenjansey1:31:03
  10. Jadtorbug1:32:52


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I didn't understand what the speed of moving your fingers has to do with it...? Lorraine


Lorraine, God bless you too. I am 75you are doing great. It is practice. When I started, I was not good at all. It also depends on your computer and how fast your fingers move the piece. I have found out that now doing it a lot I can tell by looking at a shape of a piece where will it go, something that I was not able to tell before. Yes, I have the largest laptop with a screen of 17" I have OA in my fingers, hips, shoulders. So I rest a lot and do these puzzles. Such is life.

I have tried to do the same thing...but maybe my screen is smaller than yours....Anyway....what takes you just an hour or two takes me 7 or 8! siiiiiigh. THANK YOU for answering me back! (I'm trying to blame some things on my 89 years...but thankful to God I can still see quite well, am able to take care of myself, mostly, with daughter's help! God bless you! Lorraine


To solve difficult puzzles I look for edge pieces, then put obvious colours on piles and then try to put these together first because usually some white pieces usually fit together, same with green, red and so on. I work with colours instead of with objects. Then, when I can see how objects emerging I start putting individual object like a house, tree, and so on. I hope this will help.

Do you have any suggestion as to solving Sandra Nolles puzzle of Christmas? I'm struggling so with it! I love her puzzles and have done several but this one has been so "hit and miss' for me that I'm discouraged. I won't give up, but thot maybe you could help! Thank you, Lorraine


Sure is a beautiful winter painting.



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