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Carved spoons of the Sami, an idigenous people of northern Scandinavia

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@Bubble That, I'm sure, they do!


You're right Celine they're not really for use but for gifts and to show affection.


@bluebird42 Sorry for the late reply. Now that you mention it: some of them DO look like musical instruments! Thanks, Jacki!
@alliebono I never heard of Welsh love spoons, but now I do. Thanks, Jigidi university 😃 and thanks to you!
@Isaly2 I couldn't decide either, Cyndi, they were all very beautiful!
@Bubble Yes, they look like they are nice to handle! I've checked on Welsh love spoons and was impressed by the breathtaking amount of different designs. No wonder they are so collectible. But they don't seem usable at all, only for decoration, right?


@PLG1958 Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you like them!


These are beautifully made and I'm sure would fit comfortably in the hand.

Welsh love spoons are very collectible Celine, I've seen large collections on the English Antique Road Show.


What an amazing collection of carved Sami spoons carved from bone of antler and reindeer. I love them all. I would have a very hard time trying to pick out a favorite.


What a lovely collection! They reminded me of the Welsh love spoons. tfs

Very interesting. Very unique to me


The one in the top middle reminds me of my guitar (now my daughter's guitar). They're beautful Céline. Thank you!


So beautiful, and so interesting! Thank you Heicel!


@carolsmc No, I saw them either at the Arcticum, a huge museum in Rovaniemi, Finland or further up at Siida museum in Inari, a town in Lapland, Finland. In both museums you find great exhibitions of all aspects of Sami life and culture.

@pumpkinhead If I remember correctly, they are carved from bone and antler of reindeer, finely polished with sand. The Sami made very few from wood (since reindeer was easier available, I guess).

Thanks to both of you for your visit and your interest!


These are exceptional. Are they carved from bone? Antler? Such talent!


I love these. Are they yours? We have a carved wood "love spoon" from Wales given to us by my mother-in-law after her visit there. It's a treasure similar to these.

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