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Caravel above door of Guild House of Free Skippers Ghent

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The difference between the ''free'' and the ''unfree'' boatmen/skipper is that the Free Skippers were allowed to sail on all waterways of the county of Flanders, including the Ghent inland waterways. However, the unfree boatmen had to transship their cargo at the city limits - they were not allowed to enter Ghent.

This was the type of ship, with which Columbus discovered America
Het verschil tussen de 'vrije' en de ''onvrije' schippers is dat de Vrije Schippers op alle waterwegen van het graafschap Vlaanderen mochten varen, inclusief de Gentse binnenwateren. De Onvrije Schippers moesten echter aan de stadsgrenzen hun vracht overladen - zij mochten Gent niet binnen.'

Karveel boven de deur van het Schippershuis - Gent
Dit was het type schip waarmee Columbus Amerika ontdekte
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Hello Jaklien! Yes, I live in the state of Tennessee, USA . . and in your time zone, you are 7 hours ahead of me. I’m excited about Belgium because of the historical architecture! The only images I have of Ghent is thru your puzzles :) Have a good afternoon Jaklien!


Thank you for the link, Jaklien! Your previous response had @GOSPELGRANDMA in blue,and when I clicked on that it didn't show anything. That's what I meant by accessing the information! Have a great rest of your day!! ☺☺


@Teagardener , perhaps from my photos you can discern what is interesting and what is less so.
May I ask if you live far from Ghent? US or UK?


That’s really interesting !! I’d enjoy seeing this historical building when I visit Ghent later this year. Thanks for posting it :)


Gospelgrandma : what do you mean by "access"? It is currently suitable as an exhibition space and free entrance for tourists. The Ghent Port Authority is now the owner.

The video is in Dutch, made just after yet another restoration. It is always nice to take a look inside.


Thanks so much, Jaklien, for sending me an explanation about the details on this building. I'm not sure how to access it, though. Can you tell me? Thank you! ☺☺


Thank you, Marina.


Wonderful carving, Jaklien. Interesting info too about the Caravel's boatmen. I didn't know this.


My pleasure, Jill. So you get to know a bit of Ghent's historical past, right?


That’s a great carving, thanks for sharing it. ❤️


@GOSPELGRANDMA , I have added a little explanation.


I love it too, Ella. Greetings back.


What wonderful detail in this, Jaklien. I wonder how they manage to do it. I'll have to look it up and find out. Thanks for sharing!! ☺☺


Thank you for sharing, Jaklien, amazing detail, I love it. Many greetings, Ella


Hi Jerry, usually people walk by this in a hurry (I am not without sins either!). I think it is very beautiful too.
Since it's also full winter here, we still can't complain too much: yesterday pouring rain, today full sun...
Thanks for solving the puzzle.


@jakline Although I solved as if on a "Slow Boat to China" I loved this image. Thanks for posting it. The details are exquisite.
Rainy here today and temperatures on the way down. Expect some LOW single-digit readings next week. YIKES! SSSW&W

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