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Swirled Pyramids - Pixie Sized Virtual hugs to all my Jigidi friends. Stay well and be safe. Lots of love, Sue

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  1. caanan0:12
  2. Robbos0:14
  3. sue10:15
  4. Zebrapleco10:15
  5. wshealy0:17
  6. JennyG660:18
  7. Deanna0:19
  8. loons0:21
  9. sparkles0:21
  10. Jitka0:22


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Glad you enjoyed this swirl, Mo. Have a great week.


Nice one Sue! Hope you are having a good week!


Kaleido collage ready for Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Sue, I took your original and pulled and stretched it so that the whole design fit in the center square. Usually I place it and let fit what will. If you don't like this distortion I won't do it again. Thanks.

You're weather is not for me. I remember the months I lived there. I lost all color and was sort of pasty white. Very little A/C anywhere back then. It was several months of being back north before I looked "normal" again. It's 80 here now about our high for today with 35 % humidity. Take care. Thankful the tornadoes weren't near you. Hope they didn't do a lot of damage. You have needed the rain though.


Hi, Ardy. More rain today, so hot and humid. Trimmed small hedges yesterday, was cleaning up till weather came in again. Tornados in the area yesterday, but not close to me.


Your swirled pyramids are fun, Sue. Nice contrast with your heart. ☺ Thanks. Hope your situation is clearing up. Take care.

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