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130 pieces
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  1. Talana12:32
  2. dopeyjohnson13:07
  3. jbow13:32
  4. pholmes16:19
  5. Erzulis16:31
  6. Athena34117:18
  7. vlakam18:17
  8. Masonmarge22:38
  9. Puggles123422:50
  10. cairnskitty25:30


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SusanAnnCiangiola. Aren't they beautiful? I hope Sergio is well. We lost Minnie quite a few years ago.


He looks just my Sergio!


Puggles1234 So many of us have such sweet pets. The ones we have now, and the ones that are gone. All have places in our hearts.


What a beautiful cat...look at those eyes!!!! I too have two bed cats that give me reason to wake up each day and carry on....My greatest hope is that I outlive them so that I know they will be taken care of. Love.


Thank you, Patsy, for your kind words. I'm sorry for your loss, too. Many of us have lost dear animal friends, but have sweet memories. I still have 2 dogs & a cat. Can't live without them. Pam

So sorry you lost Minnie. She was so beautiful!
I, too, have lost a brave cat to kidney disease. The journey was in many ways as painful for us as for her.
I found a puzzle with Minnie, Moo and Lucy together, all now gone. I know you loved them. -Patsy


Her name is Minnie. We lost her to kidney disease at 15 years old.

Who is this pensive cat?

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