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Governers Cup Regatta on Grand Lake

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In town yesterday, a lot of the speed boats had arrived. Time trials today. Race tomorrow on Sunday. I'll be there on the lake!
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What a great way to end a very busy day Faye! Hot tub and a cold one! :)))


My brother-in-law felled four trees yesterday and four today. My sister and OH carry down the branches and stack the logs and I break down the branches and keep the fire going...with the ever-present hose at hand. We spend about 4-5 hours there and then have lunch and watch the remains die down before digging around and drowning all the embers and ash. Then it's back to the hot tub...and a tall cold one! :DDD


Faye, after church I made my sandwich and cut watermellon while my cookies baked. Went out on the sea doo for a little bit, got home put on a summer dress, put my food and wine on ice, back out the door to the boat, and gone.
How much did you get done on the tree clearing today? Can the boys straighten their backs? :))
Sounds like you had a full day too!


You're not at the lake already? My sister is just getting breakfast ready and then we might be off to the "cabin" to clear a few trees for a road widening down to the cabin...depending on the wussy boys who are complaining about their backs from yesterday! LOL


Hi Patsquire! They just call it the Governors Cup Race, no matter what Governor is in office, they have done it for years. The lake is Grand Lake, St. Marys.


Which governor, which Grand Lake?


Snooker, the boats I saw coming into town, were on large truck beds, at a sideways angle. A bit like the orange and white one, but a sharper angle. They were parked very close to each other! I only saw one like the orange and white boat. That thing was like a flat board!

They look like they are all piled in a heap.


Suzy, now you make me laugh! just watching from a very safe distance.


Are you participating or observing, Jeannie! Have a great time!


Looks like fun! Enjoy!

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