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Pepsi Ad

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I guess everyone thinks that dress clothing is not comfortable, but I don't think so. I feel rather special when in a pretty outfit. Thanks for your comment, Juice1!


I'm with you Mary; even weddings are full of people who look like they threw on the last thing they wore these days.


Actually, Juice 1, we were pretty darn glamorous! For a party like this, we would have dressed up quite a bit. Also, for going out to a nice dinner we would, too. I miss those dress-up times. Casual is great, but a little change of dress for special occasions is very nice. Just my opinion.


I wonder if everyone was so glamorous back then.


Thanks all for your nice comments :-)

There are more bottles on the table. Here is a link to the complete 1960 ad.


If you didn't tell me about the pepsi, I never would have found it. Thanks. Thought it was kind of dumb having no pepsi in the pic.


It took me a while before I found the bottle of Pepsi! But, I love the dress!


How congenial!

Why this advertisement?
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