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Number please.

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  1. jaj199815:17
  2. Gom5:42
  3. Iammjc5:47
  4. towntreehouse6:47
  5. markp8:26
  6. LBombino8:42
  7. gracie39:43
  8. BeenThere10:14
  9. Biscuit110:17
  10. gellydine11:36


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Thank you all for sharing your experiences/memories regarding telephone switchboards ! I remember an episode of Little House on the Prairie with Mrs. Oleson operating one and my wondering how it worked :)


Worked on one of these my first hour of High School in 1970. Was so much fun. Was a little newer than this one. But, I enjoined that first hour...


MidWest Bell was my first job - 1965 Mpls., MN. I responded to both local and long-distance callers. The switchboard I worked had over 300 ports and 30 plugs (cords). I loved that job! Only thing was the hours were 10am-2pm, and 6pm-10pm. I took a part time job close by so I wouldn't have to take the bus home 4 times a day! Anyone remember the LaLaPalousa? Bridgemen's Ice Cream!!

worked on this type swithchboard in the early 50's.


Wow, my aunt retired as a New York City telephone operator during the days when switchboards were used. I'm sure she could never imagine the telephone technology we have today with iPhones!

cool - thanx for the post :)


Wow! Awesome puzzle! Loved the colors and designs. I actually saw one of those in a building in NY City when I was a child. It looked so important!!

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