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First contact

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keep on trying, your doing good with the cat. hugs to you and rem.

egdoht I think I see it!..… tom



I thought the blue thing on the upper right in the posting was Rainrider's jeans clad leg and shoe. Wanda

Congrats, Rainrider for befriending this little furry friend. It takes some time to gain enough trust for her/him to do this. We would love to see your other postings. Wanda


You are a VERY patient person, RR! :o)


@egdoht - don't feel bad, it took me awhile to figure out what I was looking at (turned out to be RR's arm). The kitty is a "torty" cat whose head is toward the blue canister on the right, right ear is over the dark spot in front of the canister. It's tail is far left, upper third of picture. Rainrider's hand is touching just below the cat's shoulder blades. See it now?


@egdoht I was all happy, after 3 years of working for it, she let me pet her.


i feel like a real dope... can you tell me what's going on in the puzzle.. i can't see the kitty!... tom


Think I just made to many in one day. LOL


She eats in the there, just won't go past the door any more than this.


I would think a lot of folks would love to see your pictures, RR, but it seems that you post a lot of them as private puzzles. So cappy and I are the only ones who know the puzzles are there. When you put up a puzzle, make sure that you check the box that says "Publish puzzle on Jigidi", so that everyone can see your pictures.

I bet that if you moved her can of food closer to the shop, then closer still, eventually she'd learn to go in there for food and warmth.


And why can't I post this for everyone?


I already have 5 indoor kitties, and 2 dogs that spend a lot of time inside. She is welcome to the shop anytime. I put a kitty door in for her, and she has a bed in there. She just doesn't use it.


Or maybe she'll decide that it's time to be a safer, indoor kitty! Let's hope! :o)


She is the out door kitty, I been trying to pet for 3 years now. Won't take long now to get her ready for a real for ever home. That is if I don't keep her around.


I don't know who Little Miss is, but to be trusted is a precious thing! :o)




Best thing all day, Little miss came up to get some pettens.