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A Relic Of Lumbering Days In The Sequoias

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This area is a part of Mountain Home State Forest above Porterville, California. This is an extremely popular area for local people. This is a stump of a Giant Sequoia tree that was felled for its lumber circa 1900. The most intense era of logging was a twenty year period from 1885 until shortly after 1900. Giant Sequoias continued to be destroyed until the land was purchased by the state in 1945. Logging continues in the area but the Sequoias are off limits to loggers.
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Central Valley of California!


It is. It has splits in its trunk. It is about 6 years old and remains about 8 feet tall. What state are you in? I live on a mountain and we do not get that 100 degree heat.


But it is still there, isn't it? We have an evergreen elm that is large and messy in spring and fall but we still have it. It looks nice and gives great afternoon shade in an area that has at least 15-20 100 degree plus days every summer.


Strange how a forest or a tree becomes part of your heart and you can be wounded when something happens to it. I planted an oriental cherry tree by my window and I find myself talking to it daily as I go by. It is at the corner of the house and on the way to the laundry room, it gets the full blast of winter wind from the north, Right now it is busy dropping purple leaves that dye my sidewalk and I complain.


merri42: When you drive through this area and see all the stumps of the Sequoias it makes you kinda sad. The area that was recently acquired abutted property owned by a friend of mine. It was closed off by a locked gate but my friend said he heard logging trucks on the access road about 200 yards from his house. The trucks only ran at night and not on any regular basis. A kid who was a caretaker of the property told my friend that they were logging Sequoias in violation of the law. Don't know if this is fact or fiction but logging on national forest land was big business and still goes on in the area around Porterville. The logging that goes on is legal and there is much support for loggers in that area.


Thank you for sharing your story.
I am in Western North Carolina. The speculators shifted our forest to unrecognizable fields. The CCC Camps replanted but it will never be the same. We lost species of trees that never grew back.

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