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August is a Special Month (Aug19P04)

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"The sun, the sand, the laughs,
kisses by the sunset,
carefree walks, and happiness,
summer memories last forever."

- S M Pastore

I would like to wish all who celebrate their birthday in August
"A Very Happy Birthday and may all of you have a great and enjoyable day".

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 20, 108, 252 and 540 pieces.

Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Thank you for your comment, Robin.

No worries, my monthly puzzles appearing on the first of every month are not birthday puzzles. I just wish folks Happy Birthday for that month. So, no worries, you are always welcome to communicate with me at any one of these puzzles.

Thank you for continuing to pray for John :-)))


I'm happy that John is feeling better, but prayers will not let up. I really will try to think next time. You have a very orderly existance and there is never a reason for upsetting that when there are other ways to go about the situation. I do enjoy communicating with you. Have a good day today. :)


Robin, your apologies are accepted :-)

Anyway, no worries, my friend. Since I post puzzles only once a month, my puzzles will always be dedicated to friends and solvers who have their birthdays on that month.

It is the birthday puzzles that I create and post specially for friends, that I would like the comments to be positive, uplifting, happy and cheerful ones. Well, at least, I hope that comments about negative situations or unpleasant experiences should not be mentioned as these will dampened the mood of the birthday party. For example, for John's birthday party puzzle and those that I have created for you, Clive and Bubble, I would like the comments to be fit for the occasion so as not to spoil the party fun, even if a comment is to be made years later.

I hope that it is a fair request for everyone. So, you are fine, Robin. For you have not written a comment on John's bad health experience 2 days ago on any of the April or June (personal) birthday puzzles :-)

Probably, I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays and happy events. Traditional Chinese do not like to speak the good and the bad stuff within the same breath. Red (meaning happy and auspicious events) and White (eg funeral, death) should not be mentioned together. A Chinese who believes in traditional custom will not attend a wedding or birthday party, if he or she is mourning or has just attended or will be going to a wake or funeral.

That is probably the reason, I have hesitated to celebrate John and my birthdays on Jigidi for so many years. One simply cannot control comments as people are free to express their views.

John seems to be feeling better now.

He is touched whenever, I mention who has been or have just said that they will pray for him. He is happy to be in touched with children of our loving Father.


Jason, I'm sorry I started the comments on September's birtday puzzle. I missed the part about avoiding that puzzle, and you were absolutely right; it has detracted from the birthday celebrations of our September friends. I should have come here! It's too late to fix it now. I will be more careful in the future. I do hope John is feeling better now. I know many prayers have and still are going up for him, and for you. Take care.


Thank you for your cheerful greetings, Shep :-)

May your weekend be an enjoyable one :-)


Happy Weekend!!!! YEAH!!! ;-) Shep


You are most welcome, Shep :-)


Thanks Jason - I appreicate that!! Shep


I will, Shep.

I am so happy to have you back :-)))

Will be seeing you soon.



@jasonchung2 - Hey - I'm back. I decided I couldn't stay away!! Jigidi gets into your veins and it's hard (obviously) to stay away!! Stop by and see if you want to do any of my postings. Hope you have a good weekend! Stay safe. Shep


just popping in to say hello dear friends - hope you are both well ☺♥☺ xxx


wish we had some rain by us - over 2 months now with none ☺☺☺ everything so dry - our spring is supposed to arrive on the 1st of September ♥♥♥ hugs to you all xx


There are some really very, very, very, tiny, really tiny raindrops.

So tiny, that I cannot see the falling raindrops from my window.

It took a few minutes for the tennis court to be covered with raindrops.

At least, it looks promising for the plants.


I hope it doesn't overdo it like it is here, but I'm glad we could spare some for you. :))


Yes, Robin. Maybe, the rain is coming over from your side.

My country is having overcast sky this morning.


I was privileged to visit England years ago. I love your country and have some wonderful memories.


Central Florida. Our normal summer pattern is short periods of rain, and sometimes a thunderstorm about every day. This year has been extremely wet with constant rains and lots of thunder and lightening. No hurricanes threats yet, just lots of rain.


The day before yesterday we got four inches, and it's been raining on and off ever since. More rain today and tomorrow. I love the rain, but it's flooding in some areas, so please, take some of our rain.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Right now, we do need a bit more rain over here.


Yes you are right. Drought is not good for humans, flowers or animals. But too much rain is also bad. It would be appropriate ☺


Good for the plants and the air will be fresh, too.


Here in the morning a little showers. Now it is lit again ☼


Thank you, Irena.

I wish you a beautiful weekend.

Yes, rain will be most welcome by my country.


Enjoy a beautiful weekend to your liking Jason. If you want rain ... I hope it will.


Dear Irena, it is great to see and hear from you :-))

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle. I am pleased that you like it :-)

Greetings are being sent to you and along with blessings, too.

Best regards, Jason.


Beautiful work Jason. I send many greetings to my friend.




You are welcome, Francine.

Thank you for liking my little drawings and I am glad that you had fun solving this puzzle :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Thanks, Jason, for your fun puzzle. I especially liked your little additions.


Thank you Sparky for the sweet compliment :-)

May August be a very happy month for you :-)

Hugs from Jason and John.


Thanks sweet jason and john xx you guys make jigidi a very happy place to be ☺☺☺ august hugs and blessings ♥


Thank you, Willy for your love of this puzzle.

May you have a lovely weekend :-)

Wow. You are going to solve the next bigger size of this puzzle. Hurray. Thank you :-)

Best regards, Jason.


BeeKay, you are welcome.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It touched my heart and filled it with joy :-)

August already has a good start with your liking of the poem, the puzzle and the good wishes for everyone.

May August be a wonderful month for you :-)

With gratitude and appreciation,


The same wishes for you Jason, love the puzzle, thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!
Up to the bigger size now! lol


Thank you for the blessings, the poem and the wonderful puzzle Jason.
If every day of August is as lovely as this day was, it will be a very special month indeed! I hope it will be one you enjoy too.☺


Take care, Lunie. Stay dry and well.


Thank you Willy for the lovely compliment :-)

Since, I draw and post puzzles on the first of every month only, I decided that I might as well take this opportunity to wish all who celebrate their birthday on that month Happy Birthday as I do not have the time to make individual birthday cards.

I do not indicate that it is a birthday card on the title as I have drawn a puzzle and not a birthday card. I let solvers open up the puzzle and discover it for themselves. Surprise ;-)


It's raining cats and dogs here, sometimes with accompanying typhoon coming from the south.


Thank you Sparky for solving this puzzle.

I would like to wish your hubby A Very Happy Birthday on 8 August.
May all of you have a wonderful day on his birthday and may he receive lots of blessings :-)

Ah, in your country, August is going to bring lovely Spring to you.

Love and hugs from Jason and John :-))


How nice of you to make a puzzle for all the August birthdays.


Happy August dear Jason and John ☺ may you you have a wonderful month - my hubby's birthday on the 8th ♥ ♥ God bless you two and love from South Africa xx August is our windy month and September should be spring - looking forward to sunshine and heat ☼ lovely fun puzzle thx ☺♥☺


Glad that you like this puzzle, Lunie.

Alas, there is no rain for the last 2 days.
However, no worries, the Lord will send us some rain :-)


That's a very colorful welcome Jason!

Is it raining there too?


Thank you Suzy for your compliments on my monthy puzzles.
I am happy that you like solving them :-)

Thank you for your good wishes :-) I appreciate them.

I hope that you will have many happy memories of this summer and all the summers that are yet to come :-))


Your monthly birthday puzzles are a treat to solve, Jason. I hope that those summer memories of which S M Pastore writes, are with you each and every day.


Hello em4h96,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

It is such a delight to know that you love this puzzle.

Thank you for solving it and for taking the time to write a lovely comment :-))

Best regards, Jason.


You are welcome, Clive.

Thank you for solving this puzzle.

Yes, time flies so fast. It seems that it is flying faster nowadays.

Thank you for asking. John and I are doing fine :-)


Another month passes jason, hope you and John are well, Thank you for the puzzle.

Loved this puzzle



I would like to wish your hubby a Very Happy Birthday for his 4 August birthday :-)
May his birthday wishes come true :-)

And, I would like to wish both of you a Very Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary on 18 August :-) May both of you enjoy many more to come :-)

It does look like August is a special month for you and your family :-)

John and I wish you and your family a very happy August filled with laughter and happiness.

Thank you for your good wishes. We will do our best to stay and be well, happy and healthy.


A very nice puzzle for our Leo and Virgo friends. Happy Birthday to all. My hubby's 70th is on the 4th and our 36th Anniversary is on the 18th. That's enough excitement for one month for us! Hope the month is a happy and healthy one for you and John. Be well! :)


Thank you Chelsey for your beautiful thoughts of August.

Yes, it is a wonderful time for vacation and outdoor life :-))

Thank you for solving this puzzle.

May you enjoy the month of August to the fullest :-)))

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you, Jason, for a beautiful puzzle celebrating the month of August. I agree with you that August is a special months, it allows us to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy vacations and to enjoy sunshine. I wish you very beautiful and happy August.

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