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Keeping an Eye on the Neighbors!

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  1. yarnover5:01
  2. dartagnan5:28
  3. suekev115:30
  4. Impie5:38
  5. aalv5:43
  6. Carol665:46
  7. DeDonder6:09
  8. txgrany6:32
  9. jfd3866:45
  10. Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo7:28


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Hi Jaklien, he looks very stately and serene. Inside he is a kitty Wildman at heart! (Age is slowing his antics down a bit.) :)


Peyton is like a statue: so stately!


Hi, Returner! Yeah, I'm okay. So far, I've just gotten a couple small bruises. I've also done some heavy salting on my sidewalk, and am honing my 'penguin walk' while outdoors! We also do our daily walks on the tread mill now. Thanks, for the concern. (Spring is only a couple more months away!)
Dusty & his Mom : )


@dustydog -- Sure hope your mom is okay. Ice is dangerous & she has only 2 feet to keep her balance, where you have 4.


Payton! You are doing a really great job of "watching out for whatever"!
I, on the other hand, have been watching my mom fall on the ice back here.
Dusty : (

He in incredible.


Hi Returner, he is a sweetie. He was a rescue 14 years ago....he was about a year old then. I will pass your compliment to him! :)))


He is such a pretty -- and happy -- cat!


Payton says, "HI!". He enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and took up his favorite position on the table (someone has to watch the neighborhood). It's 32 degrees with a fairly thick fog (better than 13 degrees!). Payton in bed, apparently waiting for things to improve?


Payton - what a great idea sometimes neighbors are really interesting to watch - looks like your sun is shinning today in Whidbey Island - we are sunny in Michigan too - but cold only13° this morning - Little Bit & Reese's are sending you a hug ♥♥

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