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Tavish -- not sure what that look was for 😊

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Showing off how his green eyes match the blanket.
He and his bonded littermate, Oliver, turn 3 on April 30th!
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  1. marisela3:08
  2. thebetterhalf3:38
  3. lindaleigh3:44
  4. peggy663:52
  5. carrps3:54
  6. Impie3:56
  7. racoonstar4:03
  8. hadzi4:06
  9. daveb2894:30
  10. togocat4:30


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Zazooboo, I think Tavi has some Maine Coon, like the furry feet and overall looks, but he's not nearly as big as I've heard they can be, so most likely a mix. How fun that you've got an Oliver too! 😸

LOL Impie --- yup, that's what the "M" stands for 🀣🀣

Thank you, Patsy! I enjoy sharing them with you all. 😊

How nice of you to say so, Auntie Anne. 😻

Me? Mischievous, Auntie Ella? So that was a camera? Huh, I was wondering what mum was holding up toward me. Thank you for the nice comment. 😻

Awww, thank you! Purrs back atcha jandchris 😻😻


Love you Babe πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


You're so cute Tavish! It looks like you might be saying, "Whaaaaaat?" Although, I think you do have a mischievous little look about you!
Mom just wanted to let everyone see how cute you are.


Oh Tavish, you look so handsome in your bedding and your eyes are so big! They certainly are beautiful.


Wonderful colourful shot showing off not only his eyes but also his ears, M, & mane. Thanks for telling us a bit about him. ~Patsy


Hi Tavish- I love your look and your beautiful green eyes. They do match the blanket very well indeed!
Your mom tells us you're a loving and MISCHIEVOUS little rascal.....duh....that's what the "M" on your forehead stands for! 🀣🀣

I see that you have another cat named Oliver and the funny thing is, he looks a lot like the one I have now! Is Tavish a Maine Coon or a mix of it?


He's also a loving and mischievous little rascal, Zazooboo! 😊 Thank you for your nice comment; hope he brought back some good memories!

He's beautiful. He looks like one of the kitties I've had.

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16 December 2020 - 29 June 2016
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