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Exquisite Art Deco Half Doll German - 1920's - All Original

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  1. sprygypsy3:21
  2. tbf20143:28
  3. kara24:44
  4. drvcpa4:45
  5. Fulton4:50
  6. eliskaruza4:59
  7. aknakht5:06
  8. wilsim6:37
  9. sparklann6:40
  10. Dollcollector7:31


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My maternal grandmother had one too, As a child and young woman, I couldn't
keep my eyes off of it, no touching! I don't know which of her 3 daughters got it
upon her death, my mother didn't. The other 2 daughters had boys, I doubt
that doll had a happy ending, unless some special person bought her at a garage
sale, hope so.


Exquisite. I love them. I don't have any of my own but my late mother owned one. It is still in her cabinet in her house. My father will be 90 yrs old soon!


Glad to hear that you like Half-Dolls also, they are my
favorite. I have quite a few but they have no skirts. I
bought my first one, at the age of twenty-five, at a little
antique shop that wasn't more than 10 ft across, it had
probably been in that Kansas town since the beginning.
I paid $5.00 for it. It had a nice skirt, I took it apart to
use it as a pattern, now it doesn't a skirt either.

I have hesitated in posting Half-Dolls,but since I now
know there is another jigidi member who loves them too,
I will post at least one a week. as I have made many jigsaw
puzzles. Thanks for your comment.

P.S. Are you doing okay, healthwise? I ask as your sentences
in your comment are rather disjointed. My eyesight is
so poor these days that I have to really be careful of the
way my comments end up. Thank goodness it is so easy
to copy/paste them over into a new comment and make a
correction, and remember to quickly delete the one I
errored in. Hope you are doing fine.

I posted this, read it over, and sure enough, I had three
words at the end of this comment, that I do not have a clue
as to their meaning, so they are deleted.

Oh~ so pretty. Half dolls 40+ years ago were the start of my doll collecting. Them came the china's
then the bisque. Still love the half dolls.
Thanks for the memories.

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