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Daisy, early 2017. She's a buff orpington hen from Estes Hatchery. She loves to stick her head under my arm and go to sleep. She's also an attention hog and will hop on my back and try to sidle down my arms and push whomever is on my lap off.
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  1. Cinnaminnie5:24
  2. roseh5:34
  3. skpy5:37
  4. Kate1095:45
  5. mariolyn6:13
  6. bbeck55676:18
  7. wastedangle6:21
  8. loridon7:58
  9. Kliban8:13
  10. Doormay518:22


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What a grand dame!

@mariolyn, yes she does! She likes to tuck her head under my arm and go to sleep.


Does she like to be petted?

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