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Havana, Cuba

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Oh, the absolute beauty of decay. It's breathtakingly bittersweet to behold.

What cars are these, posing in front of the wall, that tell a thousand tales?
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  1. jmd274:45
  2. knittwitch4:55
  3. Steffanie6:01
  4. senrabyar6:21
  5. wujaszekdolf6:30
  6. buellgary6:38
  7. K8C6:49
  8. Boog6:54
  9. txangel1977:00
  10. mastasik7:06


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Communism is all about decay.

I have mixed feelings about decay: it has a form of beauty & nostalgia, but it also seems neglectful and a waste - all in one moment.


How 'bout 2 Chevys and a Ford c.'54?


Cool image! (❛ᴗ❛)

Three gems parked in a row.


Maybe a Chevy and 2 Fords, circa 1950??

Why this advertisement?