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Snooze for spunky

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88 pieces
35 solves
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  1. Ceefercat6:59
  2. harlaf7:22
  3. osersan7:23
  4. slavka17:26
  5. reflections8:33
  6. peggy669:17
  7. mlmccoy10:05
  8. tilt10:10
  9. CrazyCAT5410:31
  10. ajandfran11:09


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one of his best features, Spunky


Such beautiful green eyes on you're cat..


Thanks osersan, Merry Christmas!


I don't spunky - I've always thought there should be a way to connect on the side with friends we make here on Jigidi like some kind of texting option - food for thought, oh lords of Jigidi . . .


Hi osersan, do you have any idea on how to reach out too boston_jack? Thanks spunky...


my pleasure, spunky.


Thanks so much osersan, you're cat is so adorable and such pretty green eyes I like black cats.. Thanks again osersan, really appreciate this puzzle..

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