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had our food delivered to our table by a robot.
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Oh that’s annoying, Tea we don’t as a general rule do tipping here, we consider that the bosses should pay their staff well.


Jill, I happened to read an online news article about some upset (American) restaurant customers. At one of the restaurants that are trying the robot servers, the robots automatically add a 10% tip to the bills😂 Hmm . . . my guess is the tip money might fund the maintenance of the robots. Interesting😉


Tea, fun to see but yes I agree about the friendly wait person. Thank you


Really Nicky that’s interesting


An amazing invention, but I still enjoy a friendly waiter’s smile😊 Thanks for the fascinating puzzle!!


Wow! I see small ones going up and down the street in the city, delivering food, I presume. I'm amazed how people have not accosted them so far.


Now that would really be something Dobra!


Oh Jill, I thought you had this news at home!


Lol Nev - I think that might have been what YOU said. Actually it was a female voice so all good, no buttons pushed ❤️


I must have lived a sheltered life. Marge said she's heard of it but never seen it, and was interested to see your robot. She said she hoped the robot didn't get all upset when you started pushing all his buttons! :-))) ♥♥♥


Jill, you've bowled me over! Never heard of this before, but can't say as I'm surprised the way that technology is advancing these days. I'll have to tell Marge about this - she'll be gobsmacked too. ♥♥♥


I did get one I’ll try to find it Chelsey. It certainly makes it simpler.

Oh wow that is fun to look forward to Robbie. 7 hours that is crazy We have used Airbnb often with our overseas trips


Going beginning of May for two weeks Jill. Just booked airbnb in Cortona. Never used them before and took me seven hours to finally get a picture of my passport to them for security. What a palaver.......I am getting more frustrated with computers and phones.....Throw them away and live in the sticks with books!


I wish I could see her face. And no tipping is good, you save a lot of money.


Mmm Janet not sure, good question. Yes certainly saved them from going back and forth to the kitchen. Thanks


Patti certainly makes it simpler


(That's good to hear!)


I wonder what happens if there is an item missing lol! I don't know of any around robot restaurants around here but would be interesting to try it and it means staff don't have to run around trying not to drop things.


That’s a good point Voronica 😄

Very polite and friendly Janet

Our only experience of it too Ed

It was a fun experience, but then I am a big kid. There was still plenty of personal service, it literally just delivered your food from the kitchen to your table. Thanks Jerry. Lots of our cafés close at 4pm too


Robbie sometimes technology is sooo frustrating. Another trip to Italy! Wow how exciting, when? Totally envious. It was a new-thus fun experience, but also they had a balance as you were greeted and seated by a person and also during the meal and exit.


@JillianB You adventurix, you! I have not encountered roboservice (yet, anyway). With the shortage of service staff hereabouts many of our favorite restaurants have begun offering breakfast and lunch only, closing for the day between 2 and 4PM.


That's a new one to me! Never yet seen a robot deliver a meal.


I hope he was polite!


Looks like fun, at least they don't trip do they! :>))


Oh no, what is the world coming to Jill? I just lost my temper with my computer booking air b&b for maybe deal with a robot for my food?! I guess it was fun with a new experience especially for children. Personal service is definitely going down the drain!


Carmel you must go, it’s fun to experience 😊


Lol Petra, no it was a friendly one

We were surprised Patti. As a general rule we do not do tipping here in NZ anyway, the staff are properly paid.

It was and it speaks to you.

No worries Chelsey we don’t do tipping here so all straightforward. You would have liked her, from the front she had big blue eyes and looked a bit cat like.

It was a surprise daasha, was not expecting it. She was very pleasant, a smile on the front and friendly words 🤗

Interesting Lunie, here you could have ordered contactlessly by app, we didn’t but the robot brought the food out from the kitchen to the table.

We have a couple of restaurants with this. We have to go.


One Korean resto in Fort Bonifacio Global City we ate with a friend, had everything done electronically, from ordering to serving done contactless. The robots were smaller than this though.

Jill, that must have been a surprise. Did he have a pleasant demeanor? I like the look. Thanks and hugs my friend. 💕😉💕


How do you tip a robot? I just wonder. Thank you, Jillian. You are the first one I know with this experience.




Wild! (Can you tip a robot?)


Exterminate ! 😊

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