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Seed pods from the Proboscidea parviflora plant (double claw or red devil's claw). When I saw these while walking through the scrub I thought they were some weird critters and did a lovely backward jump.
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  1. will59672:01
  2. Culpepper2:28
  3. Bubble2:32
  4. danchap2:57
  5. jbprols3:00
  6. janwehrwilcox3:04
  7. Pekaji3:14
  8. Migou3:16
  9. milokar4:48
  10. GranJ5:13


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Thanks for sharing this interesting puzzle with us!


I had not heard that nickname but I see the connection. Thanks for the addition.


I know a guy who calls these Goat Heads.


Thanks for the comment, @Bubble . Not quite scorpions but those pointy ends are as sharp as a needle and can make a careless person bleed. Yes, I was that person.


I would have jumped as high as a kite hermitish - thought they were whip scorpions at first ! ✿❛‿❛✿


Yes indeed, and always something new to discover. Thanks for your comment.

Incredible with what nature come up !

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