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Last October I drove south out of Hood River, Oregon on Highway 35. After driving for a number of miles, I came around a bend in the highway and there was Mount Hood looming right there in front of me.
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jignjw: Nancy, I have seen this mountain countless times and this is the least amount of snow I can remember, Terry

Terry, this is a wonderful photo and also is the first I've seen when the peak was nearly least it appears to have very little snow on its flanks. Thanks for the puzzle! Nancy


dusty, on my return trip home from Montana, there wasn't much traffic most of the time. Terry


Sara, I don't remember for sure if I pulled over for the shot or not. Judging from the space on the road's shoulder, I probably did. For safety sake, I stop and pull over to the side of the road whenever possible. Sometimes, it just isn't possible. By the way, I was in your "neck of the woods" last Friday. At the end of my Alaskan cruise, we stopped by Victoria the final evening. I wish we could have had more time and more daylight there. Terry


dblay, I sure wish you were able to see this in person, Terry


Doesn't look as though there was anyone even remotely near you....glad you got the shot...
It's a beauty!
Dusty : )


Terry-- is this another one of your "moving car shots"?
They are fast becoming my favourites.....Cheers from Sara


Oh my! How magnificent this is. Such a beautiful mountain and such an amazing scene. It must have been such a thrill to round that curve and see this up ahead of you. I guess if I were ever able to see this or something similar, I'd "cry." I cry when I'm really happy -- it's just a thing with me. :-)) What a beautiful blue sky and those white floaty clouds uncovered the top of Mt. Hood just in time. (ha) Thank you for sharing this fantastic photo and fun, fun puzzle.

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