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Heading home through the Smokys

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No Fall color! October 18!
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  1. Robbos1:18
  2. mariolyn1:19
  3. Dilubreuer1:25
  4. kerstinw1:26
  5. era41:28
  6. dukeycash1:32
  7. glenestele1:34
  8. ebkrueg1:36
  9. madhat1:38
  10. NewSong1:45


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The best of both worlds. ☺♥


LOL Ardy! We will head south in the Winters with our home on wheels! You know how he whines about having to shovel the 'S' word! heehee


Wow, trading warmth and hurricanes for cold and blizzards. That will be an interesting move, Sandy. Good luck. ☺ ♥


Thank you, Beekay! Well..... guess what? We might be moving to Wisconsin! (Chippewa Falls, WI where I lived as a kiddo.) Rich liked it there and there are a lot of fishing opportunities AND we will be close to the U.P. of Michigan to look for more agates. (We both love to fish!) Soooo that means you will have someone to visit if you come to Wisconsin. :)


Lovely shot of open road! Glad you had a fun trip but I'm sure you are happy to be home now too . Your photos make me want to visit Wisconsin too.☺


That would be so cool! :)


Thank you, Wanda! It was a fun trip for us. Now to catch up here at home. :)
Thank you, Ardy! Glad you enjoyed some of our photos.
It was our pleasure getting to meet you and seeing Li again, Patti! Ya never know! We may end up being Wisconsin neighbors someday!


You had a gorgeous ride home! Thanks for looking up us Jigidiers on your trip! :)


Good to know you are safely home. It was a wonderful trip. Thanks for taking us along.


Glad you and Richard arrived home safely. Temps have been cool during the night/early morning and back warmer during the afternoon. We have a blood drive at our little church in the morning.

Thank you for taking us along as you and Richard travel throughout our beautiful country. Hope you have a great weekend. Wanda


Thank you Wanda! We got home this afternoon. :) Wish we could spend a couple more weeks in Michigan!
Thank you Lunie, Suzy, Shirley and madhat!


A beautiful drive. Be safe and enjoy. I hope you get some color before you get home though. TFS with us.


Nice scenery, Sandy, Thank you.


Pretty, no matter what time of year, what color the leaves, or what type of weather!! Safe travels, girlfriend!


Still pretty scene despite the absence of autumn colors Sandy.


Yikes! Looks like Mother Nature is running a bit late this year. The leaves are still hanging on the trees. If you go back in a couple of weeks, I'll bet you would see a different scene.

We love the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Haven't been in several years, but when our son was young, we went there on weekend trips several times a year. Thank you for your wonderful postings. Safe journey. Wanda


Thank you Ardy. We saw a little in Wisconsin (September) and a LITTLE in Upper Michigan. I guess there is a lack of it this year all over. ❤


Beautiful photo, Sandy, for summer. Thanks. Sorry Mother Nature did not roll out the fall colors for you on this trip.

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