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Oriental lily 'Dizzy'

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  1. Juanca28100:30
  2. Brie16480:43
  3. wigma0:47
  4. jimbos0:58
  5. lyndee0:59
  6. Dorisannfryou1:00
  7. pumpkinhead1:02
  8. Hope71:02
  9. Pekaji1:03
  10. Mjsnyder1:04


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I agree Nicky, it is beautiful :)


Beautiful, Barb.


Really? Wow! I grew 'Stargazer' but did not notice anything like that.....Well, maybe American hover flies do not like the pollen as much as the English flies do.....LOLOL Thank you Brie for the interesting comment :)


When I grew these in my garden the little hover flies came and ate all the pollen!


I did not know this one but I googled and found the photos :) Looking forward to see your blooms, Jo.... :)


oh, i thought you didn't know this one. i was going to post mine for you. this is a lovely example though. i'll wait a few days to post mine. thanks.


Oh, that's what it is, Ardy. I know that some people have allergies to strong scents too. The only way is to avoid them, I think. Sorry to hear that :(

Thank you Janet :) I agree...hugs!


SO beautiful thanks Barb, and yes those are pretty amazing stamens.
Hugs my friend ♥


It's not the pollen that bothers me but the strong scent. That blocks me up and sends me into a headache. Easter time at churches is always a problem. Heavy perfumes - any really strong odor.


That's true, you can see all the little details that are lost in a small picture. Oriental lilies are the best....thank you Lyndee :)


The close up really brings out the beauty!


Agreed! I'm glad you like it, Suzy :)


Dizzy is a beauty!


But Brie, the stamens are a huge part of the beauty of the flower.....LOL..... Seriously though, I understand your plight :)
You too Ardy? So many people are allergic to various pollens. I'm lucky that I have no allergies of any kind.
Thank you all very much :)


Lovely lily! Thanks, Barb. :-)


So beautiful, Barb. I love this. Lilies have to stay outside for me so the pollen would not be a problem!! Thanks for sharing this beauty.


Oh I love these!! The smell is addictive (but the pollen...nightmare. Cut off the stamens! A vase we had fell over and the water and the pollen mixed on the carpet = new carpet! Thank goodness for insurance!!)

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