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1 ~ Happy Fathersday. :-)) ~ "Hi there little one."

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Seahorse & a little 'Stephen'.

*Max level 130 pcs.

Seahorse Fathers.
Seahorse fathers break all the rules—they're the onces who get pregnant & give birth.
Male seahorses go above & beyond when it comes to parenting—they are one of the only species in the animal kingdom known for male pregnancy.
After the seahorse mother deposits her eggs into into the male seahorse’s pouch, then the father fertilizes the eggs & incubates them for 20 till 45 days until he gives birth to the tiny, fully-formed seahorses.
Seahorse dads may not experience morning sickness, but they do have to endure contractions as they go through labor. Seahorses babies are called... fry....
... I know. ;-)

~ Worldwildlifeorg. Visitsealifecom. & Goodnaturetravel. ~
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I did found this beautiful one:
The whole cycle: From female transferring eggs - To male giving birth.

& maybe I also did found the one you meant as well:
from "the Deep" NationalGeographic channel? It looks like he's "puffing" them out.

On one of the zoo shows on Animal Planet or NatGeoWild, they showed a tiny seahorse in labor. His whole little body would contract! It was sad to see.
: ( I think the show was at the Atlanta (Georgia USA) Aquarium.


Yep! Great dads they are!


I never knew about the males having the babies.Thanks for the interesting lesson.Thanks pukkiepuk.


Love this and the interesting information you provided.

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