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Birds Eye View

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Arrived home from our summer holiday yesterday (Saturday). This is the beach we mostly swam at - Tata Beach, Golden Bay Area, NZ January 2023
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We all feel the same about it Marina, thanks so much


Your holiday spot looks like Paradise to me, sea gull included. Wonderful view of dark blue ocean and skies.


You are right Val the day we left the rain was starting so our timing was perfect. Poor Auckland!


Welcome home Jill, you will be glad to miss out on the weather forecast for up there today. Hugs ♥


Lol good one Dobra - maybe! 😉


Thank you Janet and yes it definitely is. 😊🤗


I think he's a lifeguard!


I can see why you like spending your family holidays here. It looks like a great place to unwind


That’s one of the things I like also Chelsey. Thank you


Lol Nev, good one 😆 Thank you ❤️


Wonderful place and what I like a lot , it is not crowded. Thank you, Jillian


Did you know the seagull was God's third attempt at creating the bird...
The A-gull and B-gull just didn't cut it.

Welcome back, Jill. ♥♥♥


Tea thanks so much but don’t believe you on the too quiet bit while the speed duchess was still around 😄


I’m glad you had a nice vacation and very glad you’re back home! It was too quiet around here🙄🧩


Thanks Iris 😊🤗




Thanks Patti, it was fun.


Funny you should say that Voronica but yes about from all the washing I am resting up today - keeping up with all the younger ones is fun but tiring lol Thanks

Thanks Jacki I actually thought of you as I watched that gull :)

Suzy the sand on this beach is quite coarse compared to the Pōhara Beach (where we stay) but lovely colour. I do love this area. Thank you

Cyndi it’s a great beach for swimming and water skiing, the boat ramp is down the other end of the beach. The warm weather would be a nice break for you at the moment Cyndi. Thank you

Hi Petra, nice to see you

Thanks Juba I thought the sail and the gull added to it.

I kept my eye on it Jerry! Gotta say it is sigh worthy my friend


A fabulous scene! Wow! And thanks!


@JillianB (sigh) as long as the bird isn't just looking for a convenient place to spot! TFP, Kiwi.


Great photo. TFS :-)




What an amazing place to swim. Wish I was there.


Seems there could be no better place to wiggle your toes in the sand and go for a swim in the blue waters. Welcome home, Jill!


What a beautiful view of SUMMER! A lovely place for a vacation. (I love the Gull standing in as life guard on top of the pole there.) Thank you!


Jillian, thanks so much for taking me along on Holiday with you! Love the sand and seashore. Now you can rest up for your next one . . . :>))

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