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Spencer and his brother and sister from another mother.

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This is Spencer and his half brother (the brown and white) and half sister on July 4th. They have the same Dad but different Moms. They had a great time together and were exhausted at the end of the day.
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Ahhhh :-))))))) It sounds like Spencer is bringing a refreshing breeze of new life to your complex LOL I am ROFL at you and him racing about with the bell in his mouth and ringing all the while LOL LOL LOL Sounds like you have a wonderful companion!!!!! You and he will be good for one another I am very very sure!!!!! When we had our little rat terrier, I would go on long walks just with him....... but don't have the motivation to do it for myself now that he is gone. LOL

Rosie, you have such a warm, loving and caring spirit and I love reading what you write. You have such a special way about you that it carries into your writing. It is going to be a real treat to hear about all the adventures that you and Spencer have!!!!! I am so tickled that you and Spencer finally have each other!!!!!! He absolutely does look like a huggable, loveable teddy bear!!!!! It is so neat that he has playmates to use up some of that bounding puppy energy!!!!

So glad that Libby found her way over :-))))))))

Will you have to have him trimmed or do you just let his hair grow? Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions :-)))))))))


Rosie, I kept looking for pics once you mentioned this second adoptee (when the other one fell thru), then honestly stopped looking...and here you sneaking these in on me! ;-))) Good thing...Kathy asked lots of my questions and you answered them already! I am so tickeled and delighted for you and Spencer!!! What a cutie on to the other pics! Thanks ;-)))


Kathy, To answer some of your questions about Spencer. First he is 11 weeks old---will be three months on August 1st and he is a teddy bear---a mix of Shiz Tsu and Bichon Frise. The two dogs in the picture above with him belong to my niece and live about 10 blocks from us. They are 10 months and I think he thought they were his Mom and Dad. I've had him a little over two weeks and he has already squirmed his way into my heart along with everyone else who lives in the complex where I live. We gather a crowd every day and my neighbors come out especially to see him when we are out. We have play dates with several of the older dogs every afternoon. We take them over to the gazebo here on the complex and leave them off leash and they tear after each other and wrestle and fight and play and exhaust one another. It's wonderful because the older dogs are teaching Spencer that there are limits to what is appropriate. We are also walking with one of the older dogs and he is teaching Spencer how to walk well on a leash. I'm still having trouble getting him potty trained. He is using the puppy pads when he does have an "accident" but does go outside most of the time. I haven't found a bell that worked. I did get one from a friend but he thought it was a toy and ripped it off of the doorknob right after I put it up and I had to chase him to get it out of his mouth. He tore through the house with me chasing behind and the bell ringing as he ran. He thought it was great fun!!!
I've wanted a dog for a long time and had been trying all of the shelters in our area for months but they all seemed to have large breed dogs and our complex has a 30 lb weight limit. Many of the shelter dogs were pit bull mixes or little yappie dogs (chihuhua, Yorkies or Poms), all breeds I don't like. So my niece gave me the breeders name where she got her dogs and I called and one of her other females had had a litter and I managed to get the last male of the group of five born to that mom. Spencer should get to about 25 lbs and be about the size of a Cocker Spaniel, which is what I wanted. So, I'm very happy and I think he is too.
This is my only profile name because I haven't posted a lot of puzzles yet but will be posting more pictures of Spencer as he grows and matures. Thanks for caring and being a great friend and puzzle creater. I enjoy all of your puzzles and love hearing all about your life and everything you are doing.


Rosie, he is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! I have tons of questions if and when Spencer gives you a chance to answer some of them. How old is he? What kind is he? How did you find out about him? Does his half brother and half sister live close by? How old are they? How long have you had him now? Did you ever find a bell for the door?

I will leave the questions at that for now LOL But I am tickled to death for you Rosie!!!!!!! You have been wanting a doggie for some time now, right? Run your finger through that wonderful soft hair of his for me :-)))))) I know he is going to be a handful or two for a while, but he will become your best buddy and companion. My mom has a Yorkie that is always just a hair away LOL He has a doggie door that he can go out all by himself, but a lot of times he just wants her to get up and go to the door to let him out LOL He is great company for her as my dad passed away last April.

I will stop rambling now, but I am looking forward to hearing all about Spencer and seeing pictures of him when you allow us. I know you are thrilled to have him!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing him with us!!!!!!

Do you have another profile name or is this your only one? Just want to make sure that I catch all the news about him :-))))))))


So cute, Rosie. We have two dogs, and they certainly do enrich our lives. Enjoy your Spencer!!


I can just visualize that. How funny he must be. They are little balls of delightful energy at that age. I wish I had some of that energy! Love him!


He is the busy type, Jan. He has his tears thru the house running full out in a figure eight through the living room, dining room and kitchen for about 10 minutes and then collapses in front of his water bowl so he can catch his breath and drink at the same time. It's so funny to watch.


Thanks, Jana, and a big tail wag to Max---Spencer would love playing with Max. He loves being with other dogs and is getting all of the older dogs in the complex where I live moving again.


I don't think that your "new addition" could be any cuter! What a darling dog! He does look like the busy type!


Hi Spencer, nice to see you. Lovely greetings from Max. :-)))))
Thank you so much for this beautiful photo Rosie :-)))) hugs

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