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Compound of 30 Cubes

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This compound of 30 cubes I made as a wedding gift when one of my best friends got married. Unfortunately I wasn't at their wedding and the model wasn't even ready when they got married and I think it was closer to being a first anniversary gift,..

I thought the pearl colour fit the theme and I think it makes a nice controversy: a pearl being round and this model having so many vertices.

The structure of the model is quite easy: it consists of 6 star prisms, each having a 20 pointed star consisting of 5 squares as base. The whole model has the same symmetry as a dodecahedron.
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Thank you @megabelle2000


what a stunning gift!! You are quite the creative artist!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!




Thank you for your kind words, troubleatmill. I didn't know paper was the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary, but it does make sense.


I absolutely love this . . . you mention that it is quite easy but I think you are not doing justice to your skill and accuracy. I have made some 3D structures in the past but nothing as intricate and beautiful as this . . . :-)

I doubt it would matter to your friend that it was late as it is something to treasure and paper is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary so it would have been very appropriate . . . after all card is paper . . .


Thanks, BeeKay! And yes, they do.


Your friends must cherish their gift. It's very beautiful.

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