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Flowers that even Darwin can't explain

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Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana Major)
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  1. Marushika6:30
  2. Agator7:08
  3. forensicfire8:04
  4. Mangovast8:11
  5. Bubble9:20
  6. GAYLE10:08
  7. sjh96210:08
  8. LeonieS10:11
  9. zipittyzip10:31
  10. bethsjigidi6410:47


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Fair enough, Gordon, I don't usually do such large puzzles, but couldn't say no to this set.
Happy New Year to you guys as well, and hope your weather is reasonable ! :-000


Hello to you too Bubble and Happy New Year to you and your family. Actually, I had forgotten about this puzzle and just noted I published it Aug 10 2017 so at my age is easy to forget. Unfortunately I don't know any thing about this picture, as I must have just seen it, liked it and decided to share it. Perhaps someone else knows the variety and to where they are native.


Hi Gordon, have never seen flowers like you've posted in this series. They are fantastic and presumably serve a purpose in nature. Do they all come from an exotic country, (hard to believe that they could be some of our Canadian flowers) ? Thanks for sharing and I look forward to doing my bookmarked ones. :-000

Well actually I was an adult late twenties, the six months old thing that was just a joke to not make me look so old. I was just kidding around with my friends. Still I did get one free coffee so far.


I'm glad it brought back some childhood memories for you zipittyzip. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Well, well will wonders never cease. The chances of coming across this image are I thought impossible. I did a watercolor of these guys back in about 1978 when I must have been about 6 months old (;0). I lost the picture I took it from and then had more than a few (conversations) regarding my imagination and it's flight from facts! So Thanks hehehe I see some free coffees and maybe a lunch in my future. Hehhehheh.......


You are very welcome GhostOfMrPort. Thanks for the comment.

Wow! I see ducks landing. Amazing! Thanks Gordon!

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