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Hmmm, water isn't boiling. May I join you?

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35 pieces
86 solves
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  1. anamaria781:08
  2. littlebird1:09
  3. like921151:11
  4. loveydear1:14
  5. Ianto1:14
  6. Snue1:19
  7. mariolyn1:22
  8. arianus1:25
  9. vrabelinda1:32
  10. phlegmmy1:33


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You're welcome, Mpil :-) Remember my middle name :D


Thanks loveydear - this pic was taken at the Koi pond in Balboa Park, SD, CA. You are such a fast puzzle solver. I'm not even on the board anymore.
Starlord - you are such a helpful fellow :-) Thank you???


Very nice pic/puzzle!


Just giving you hints on puzzle topics :-)


Glad the plastic bag was filled with air. Sorry - not blond and only just down to my shoulders. And Sir, I would never waggle my tailfin - or hardly ever.


Yup, a plastic bag, filled with air, so you can breathe occasionally. A mermaid? Like the Sirens you mean? That would make a greta puzzle. Long blond hair hanging down to your waist, waggling your tailfin... Definately a good puzzle :-)


Thanks JB - maybe just a cool bath - hate to disturb the poor Koi.
And Star . . . in this weather, I may become a mermaid just to adapt to the deep, cool Pacific waters. (a plastic bag???)


take something to breathe though... scuba, a plastic bag... remember you're not a fish :-)


I'd say - Go For It! Any way to cool down! :)


They look like Koi's :-) But to play it safe, let's say they are 'fish' :-)

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