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The Animal Family Is Growing

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The 3 bears are made from the same pattern but the sizes differs because of different kind of yarn thickness..The purple bear baby were made before Mama and Papa Bear..It happens when it wasn’t planned
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It keeps you out of trouble, Lunie☺️..also you enjoy being busy! Hugs my friend❤️❤️
If you ever have the urge for other kind of yarn just let me know, I’m here for you my friend☀️⭐️☀️


I intend to make an oversized sweater for me in preparation for our German trip late next year, out of the red. The brown and grey will be scarf and beanies for my son (for Germany) and the pink one will be for my granddaughters' beanies. Lots of hugs back my friend,


It sounds like you are pretty well set and what are you going to make of the Alpaca yarn if I may ask..just curious because that yarn is like wool if I remember correctly!?
Hugs my friend❤️❤️


I have lots of suppliers of yarn here Eva, there are some in Chinatown but I prefer to go to a shop nearby and a crafter who sells some at her home. Am also awaiting for days now, for Alpaca yarn we bought from China through an online platform, it is now in-transit according to the tracker. Hugs back my friend.


It’s good to have a couple of project going like now in your case. Do you buy your yarn from a certain supplier in the Philippines or how do you get your yarn? I’m interested to know more☺️ Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Well, I just needed to assemble the parts but supplier has no fiber fill on stock, so I stopped momentarily. Will knot another Dino in the meantime...and finish my Wayuu bag, the yarn I got the other day.


Thanks so much Nicci for your kind comment❣️ Hugs❤️❤️...Eva


You do such beautiful work, Kossamu. They are all so sweet & lovely colours too!


Thanks so much Kenzie and you are very welcome ❤️❤️


Lunie, I only work two hours in the evening on my project..I have tons of other things to keep up with and that is growing slow too because of my back problem. It seems I just did something and before I know it, it’s time again and a month had passed seeming like last week☹️..I’ve been spending way too much time on jigidi commenting on my puzzles and I miss not getting to solve much..I have two more pictures to post and then I’ll cut back for awhile and be more productive around our home now when the temperatures have dropped 20 degrees☺️..❣️You make some gorgeous stuff and the project for your grandson will be finished before you know it❣️
Thanks for your nice comment and to answer you, I haven’t decided yet☺️ Hugs my friend❤️❣️❤️


Janet, Thank You for your nice comment, liking the growing family..The thickness of the yarn makes the difference in size, which is nice seeing the 3 bears together..You are always welcome..Hugs my friend..❤️❣️❤️


I see Lil’Ruth is learning some very useful words❣️ Thanks for liking the little family which is growing slowly but surely..Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Thanks Judy❤️❣️❤️


Thank you Phoenix 51 for your kind comment ❤️❤️


They all got so excited and almost pushed each other over the edge when I read them Auntie Ardy’s lovely comment about them☺️ They said to give you a hug from each of them❣️You are so very welcome and Hugs from the six of us❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing the photos.


You have been busier than me Eva...I started with a T-Rex for my 3 yr. old grandson who loves Dino and has started collecting them. Those are nice ones, for whom this time?


Eva they are gorgeous. I love them all, so cute and so beautifully made. That is clever that the three bears are all made from the same pattern. The rabbit is so cute too. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥


the new additions are cute as buttons, baby ruth who was adopted from this family is really enjoying her new life in canada! she now say "eh"? instead of "huh"?


Sooo cute!

A wonderful animal family!


They are all delightful. The three bears though are extra special. Eva. Love them all. So sweet and lovable. Thank you sharing them. Hugs♥♥ And a hug for each of them ♥♥♥♥♥

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