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Cats Versus Dogs

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Maybe this tag will allow her access to this puzzle and your comments, Returner. I emailed her anyway.


I will, Returner. I'll copy your message and email it to her. It is so sad. We will all miss her wonderful, funny, comments. Hugs.


@clrtexas - I've seen your message about mpp & I'm so sorry about the whole mess. There's a lot I didn't catch (can't read comments on the very long post). I've kept hoping some resolution would occur. Just please tell her I wish her all the best in the world. Thank you - Returner

I can't believe I watched the whole thing...I never watch cartoons was very cute...Sherry :)))


Thank you, Bubble, I thought so too. :)


This is the purrfect interpretation of the relationship between cats and their human servants, Carol.(❀ᴗ❀)


thanks for the great reminder...I have watched Simon's Cat for years and hadn't in a long time...just watched your link which I have seen numerous times but laugh aloud this time is hilarious every time....ursus, you've made my day!!❣️


Thanks for the reminder, and link, UrsusB. I had forgotten about Simon's cats, though I really enjoyed them when I thought to watch.


Thank you for your comment, mila71, motherofsleep44, and UrsusBeornus. Cats do own us. I watched your youtube link, UB, and it was hilarious. I hadn't seen Simon's Cat before - I've saved the link. Thanks!! LOL -- Carol

I've seen them. They are really funny and so true!


I don't know if any of you have seen the animated shorts "Simon's Cat". They are hilarious. My favorite is "Wake Up". Here's the url if you are interested:


TFS, hehehe boy oh boy somebody is a sourpuss.♠️


At least you appease them for a while. That's their goal. LOL -- Carol


I've seen that look a couple of times.
Feeding the feline god(ess) makes it go away...temporarily.


LOL :)


Yes, cats were once worshiped in ancient Egypt as gods and they have never forgotten it. They do not want their human underlings to every forget either!


Scanjockey, it seems like you have made up for the transgression just fine. LOL -- Carol


Called the vet after Shadow's operation; tech said "Shadow, Shadow...oh, yeah, he's a handful." That's him. He gave me a look like that when we picked him up. Thankfully, he got over it by the time we got home. Nine years later, I've never seen that look again. Thank God.


Bertram, you are right about cat-owned people! Motherofsleep, I have 2 goddesses and 3 gods. Cappy, you're welcome. Yes, YO, that is the truth. Thank you megabelle2000. Sherry, I've never had a cat look at me that way, either. Yes, MPP, we have to learn to be good cat slaves. and PD, this is always the demand, even if the expression isn't so fierce. Thank you all for your comments. LOL -- Carol




Ouch! The truth hurts...

this guy's a little scary...I've never been looked at like that...Sherry :)))


love it!

They have been gods since the ancient Egyptians revered them.

very cute, thank you.

I know this to be true. I live with the Goddess Nyx.


PERFECT!!!!! And so true for us cat-owned people.

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