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Here is one of the Kitten's we Rescued in Concord, California July 4, 2016

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This is a little girl all dressed up and nowhere to go! She is one of the Kittens we rescued that day on July 4, 2016. Now they have their independence!

The Mama Kitty was just 6-7 months old herself, and sad to say, she died shortly after we rescued the babies for her. Her babies were safe, and she could go to Kitty Heaven. A very sad ending to such a happy time of rescuing the Kittens.

The story about the Mama Kitty is, my neighbor 'Karen' had a visitor at her door - it was the Mama Kitty - "Zoe" is the name that Karen gave her. Karen could see that Zoe was very pregnant, and took her immediately to the Vet. Then, Karen noticed Zoe's belly was smaller, and realized she had the kittens somewhere. One day, I received a call and it was true; Zoe got into my storage area and had her babies there. At least she and the babies were safe from harm. When I opened the door...there was the first Kitten. I spoke to Zoe and told her to take us to the rest of her babies. Zoe did exactly that. Six (6) Kittens later, the family was rescued!

What a relief to have animals safe and happy! Have your pet Spayed or Neutered. It's a great idea!

God Bless All Animals! Peace unto All!
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Hi there cbmuller, Pammi. It's so sad that Zoe didn't make it. But Karen took excellent care of the babies before and after Zoe passed. I'm sad that Zoe couldn't see but a few days of saving her babies, then she was gone. But she did what she had to do...went to Karen originally...Karen is an Angel!

And Pammi, I know Zoe was so young; I can only imagine she was in the wild alone, then some cat took advantage...but they are animals. That's why we have them fixed, so this won't happen. Karen was planning the surgery for Zoe and everything. But God had his own ideas for Zoe. God Bless little Zoe.

Thank you both for the nice comments; I cherish speaking with each person that does my puzzles. It's important to communicate. Have a blessed day both of you. Take care. God Bless. God Bless All Animals!


What a precious little furry bundle. How sad it is to think of that dear mother cat having a litter when she was so very young. She was still a baby herself and it breaks my heart to know that she passed away. Too sad. ♥


The kitten is just darling and so lucky to be in your care. How sad that the Mama couldn't have lived and enjoyed her life after helping to save her kitties.

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