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"What y'all doing?"

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Red foxes are about three feet long and two feet tall and have beautiful fluffy tails, which aids their balance, serves as a cover in cold weather and communicate with fellow foxes. They live in diverse habitats and are generally very adaptable.

They can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They like to eat rodents, birds and rabbits, but they are pretty flexible and resourceful when their favoured eatables are not within reach.

The red fox is social to the extent they live together in pairs or small groups consisting of families. And when they mate in the winter, and the female brings their cubs (up to 12 pups per litter) into the world after 51- 53 days, both the male and the female will care for their cubs till the fall when the young red fox will take on the world on its own. This beautiful pack are still together, and what a sight for sore eyes they are! ♥
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  1. willd6:08
  2. knittwitch6:32
  3. senrabyar6:54
  4. Boog7:12
  5. poolcue7:13
  6. thornydevil7:29
  7. ebkrueg7:38
  8. ivymay7:48
  9. mastasik7:51
  10. Hatiwu7:56


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Liščí rodinka je úžasná.

Ale ta hloupá gůůůglovština !!!
Jak neskutečně svými gramatickými chybami przní naši krásnou češtinu, jazyk výrazově nesmírně bohatý a významově téměř dokonalý.


I so enjoyed this "foxy" puzzle jigidi. Thank you for the description too. We used to have foxes around here but have not seen them since our last hurricane. Maybe this spring.


Thank you :)

Enjoyed this puzzle thoroughly, thank you!


Nice one!….something interesting on there left, they are all looking the same direction 👀🦊
Thanks Jigidi for this great one on a sunny Friday morning ☀️


Lovely puzzle. Thanks, Jigidi.

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