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An ancient perennial shrub
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  1. Robbos0:49
  2. Teagardener0:52
  3. Ianto0:54
  4. pumpkinhead1:00
  5. warbler1:01
  6. introvertka1:02
  7. hartlova1:03
  8. patten1:03
  9. wshealy1:04
  10. Lenka4761:04


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Glad you enjoyed it, warbler.


Never seen it but looked it up just has medicinal qualities as well:

Butterbur is an herbal supplement used for pain, upset stomach, stomach ulcers, migraine and other headaches, ongoing cough, chills, anxiety, plague, fever, trouble sleeping (insomnia), whooping cough, asthma, hay fever (allergic rhinitis), and for irritable bladder and urinary tract spasms. Butterbur is also used to stimulate the appetite.

Some people apply butterbur to the skin to improve wound healing.

Butterbur is a shrub that is found throughout Europe as well as mild parts of Asia. It also now grows in parts of the US. The name "butterbur" developed because the large leaves of the shrub were used to wrap butter during warm weather.


Although ancient. I have never come across this in MY ancient lifetime. What a unique and attractive plant. Thanks to you and your Philly Phriend, Phishes~~ :))))


I guess one could eat the stems but I will pass on trying it and just enjoy it in the garden,Tom


beauty of a plant.. nice photo.. is this a food?.. how eaten?// tom


Glad you liked it, gogogo.


Thanks for this lovely butterbur puzzle, Fishes. :-))

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