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Claude Monet - Madame Camille Monet and Child, 1875 (Apr17P51)

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Madame Camille Monet (Monet's first wife) and child in the garden of their home at Argenteuil, near Paris. The family lived there from 1872 to 1877.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 16, 30, 72 and 110 pieces. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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You are most welcome, Dulsineja :-)

Thank you so much for solving my Monet's paintings and for writing a lovely comment :-)


Another peaceful painting by Monet. Thank you Jason.


You are welcome, Magda.

Glad that you like this painting. Monet is a great painter.


this one is especially beautiful. I love the way he paints all the little details. Thank you for posting it.


You are welcome, Lin.

Take care. Hugs to you and Kristi.


Just missing my Monet "fix", Jason. Thoroughly enjoyed this one I didn't get to during the long period of time I was off-line. Thank you, my friend! ; )


Thank you Nova for dropping by and for your kind comment.


Beautiful; thanks for the history, Bevpuzzler.


No worries, Bev. I will tag you to it.

To reach it from this link below, this is how I did it:

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Hi Jason, I copied and pasted but could not come up with this puzzle of 60 pieces.
I searcrhed each segment but no soap. :))


Oh, Bev, I forgot to let you know that I have tagged you to a computer "artwork" that I have drawn and posted at jasonchung2. But, yesterday, I have removed all the tags to folks whom I have tagged but have not responded after a few days.

This is the link:

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Hi Bev. No worries. Instead, I must thank you for providing the background information. It is interesting.

I am reading a lot about Monet since I will be featuring his work for quite some time yet. The book is over 400 pages and I have only covered 10%, which means I have read up to the time when his aunt paid to relieve him of his 7 year commitment with the French army (which was legally allowed). He had only served one and a half years.

I have completed reading another book on his paintings.

All positive comments from friends, Jigidiers and visitors are always welcome. Warm regards, Jason.


Camille and Monet were married on 28 June 1870[8] in the 8th arrondissement of Paris during a civil ceremony. Painter Gustave Courbet was a witness. Although Monet's father was not present because he did not approve of his marriage, Camille's parents attended the ceremony.[3] Upon her marriage, Camille received a 1,200 franc dowry, which represented two years interest on a principal investment that she would receive upon her father's death. Her parents stipulated that the dowry money should be kept in a separate account in Camille's name. This was done to protect the money from Claude Monet's creditors.[8] The couple took their son Jean with them on their honeymoon to Trouville-sur-Mer and stayed at the Hotel Trivoli. Continuing to avoid creditors, Monet also sought to avoid being drafted to serve during the Franco-Prussian War. He left his bride and son to go to Le Havre, France to visit his ailing father and then on to England, "presumably" with money given to him by his father. Camille and Jean met up with him in England in October 1870.[9]
They lived at Bath Place, now Kensington High Street, by early 1871. It was here that Monet made the only painting of Camille that he made in London. Entitled Repose.
This is just a snippet of her life.
Jason, if you think I have over stepped my bounds I shall remove this bit of history.
I do love the picture and thank you . 4-24...10:33p.m.


Mother and child. So peaceful. Both absorbed in their own activity while enjoying the warm sunshine and the scent from the flowers.


This one is absolutely adorable. I really love it............Wendy

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