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Theme: weather

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Foggy Day
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  1. auntmom71:18
  2. Hatiwu1:21
  3. ebkrueg1:24
  4. JUNKMAN1:24
  5. Dilubreuer1:31
  6. sobby91:32
  7. lelabugosi1:41
  8. PLG19581:44
  9. Jaz551:45
  10. GlenysThompson1:45


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You're welcome, Val, and thank You.


Lovely as Ardy said very mysterious thank you Jacki☺♥


The combination of fog AND the cry of loons will give you goosebumps, Jacki. Magical...


              CAN'T DO THE PUZZLE?

Try Shian2's method described right below my comment. It worked for me a few days ago and I haven't had a problem since.


Fog AND the cry of a loon together is particularly lovely, Suzy. I remember that from a morning at Bow Lake with Ed and his mother years ago. Something I've only heard once.


I see a lot of people are having a problem opening puzzles, same thing happened to me, wouldn't open with flash so I used Non-Flash and they opened, I have now returned to Flash and everything is okay. maybe this will be of some help to you, Suzy, and others.


There's something about fog horns (and the cry of loons)...the sounds are quite enjoyable. Thank you, Jacki.

Puzzles are not loading for me. :(


Thanks, Patti.

I've been here over 20 years now and I still like listening to the fog horns, Francine.


Yesterday was a foggy day for us also. We could hear the fog horns.


Ooooh, this is wonderful, Jacki!!!


Brrrrraaaaat at at at!
That's the Martha's Vineyard fog horn, which you can hear from here even over the hills and through the woods from the ocean about a quarter mile from here, Lela. ;-)

Thanks, Ardy. I think Eerie and mysterious is why I love fog . . . unless I'm the one piloting the boat. Have a lovely day. ♡hugs


Wonderful theme photo puzzle, Jacki. Wow Eerie and mysterious. Love it. Thanks. ♥Hugs♥

Not that dense but very grey here today and rainy. 58 heading for 63. Have a lovely day, my friend.



(That was my fog-horn, not what you probably thought it was).


You're welcome, Janet. We often get days like this, especially in June, where the fog is thick in the early morning and it burns off by 10 in the morning. Hugs

I got lucky this time, Lunie.


That's a good cam Jacki... tried it myself in Baguio one foggy day, i did not see anything.


That is very foggy Jacki, perfect for the theme. Thanks and hugs


Heavy fog like this is easier than light fog. Sometimes I think my camera tries to compensate and make it more clear than it really is. Thanks, Lunie.


Good shot i agree...difficult to take a photo is a fog.


Thanks, Shirley. This is in a harbor. When you're at sea in a fog like this, it gets tricky trying to figure out just how far from a rocky shore you really are.

Thanks, Ed. This was taken early in the morning a few years ago. By 10 or 11, it was a clear day.


I agree with Shian. A nice shot!


Very heavy fog, Jacki, there is so much more to see when you solve this one, quite lovely, Thanks, Jacki.

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