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Find the fence posts

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Severe flooding from torrential rain here in central PA yesterday eve through today. That's a low lying field under 3 1/2' of water. Have fun, Dave
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  2. Dclo1:08
  3. Mixalis1:15
  4. jennylmoon1:30
  5. auntmom71:33
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  7. tamc1:37
  8. mercedes5001:42
  9. wshealy1:47
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We had severe rain but not ridiculous winds or tornado type activity. Take it easy down there Merrie! --Thanks you too jenny, D

So, when did you start your trout hatchery?? Looks like that field will 'grow' more fish than corn this year. Glad your basement wasn't too bad, Dave. We had lots of rain since Sat. night also, but luckily we don't have any flood problems on top of our ridge. We had rain/sleet/snow/hail today--it changed what it was doing about every 15 minutes with the wind blowing from every direction possible, too. At one point it was hailing and the wind was screaming and swirling, I thought we were in a tornado, but nope, just crazy wind! I hope the weather calms down for you folks in PA.


Thunderstorms and a lot of rain here too. Your lucky Dclo I was over at my Dad's today helping him sweep and clean up all of the water from his basement.


I was partially babysitting my basement today but not too bad. Thanks pasta, D


Wow, this is awful. Glad your okay. Prayers to all who were effected.♥♥♥

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