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live, Love, Laugh out loud!

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  1. valde10:50
  2. heatherjane11:00
  3. Relleno11:06
  4. monet1413:13
  5. TTL198213:56
  6. DRIGGY14:15
  7. ozella14:15
  8. Poppy0314:32
  9. toocold14:47
  10. LuckyLindy714:50


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You're welcome renlea. Glad you liked this one.

Very lovely puzzle, thank you!


Thanks, Savannaa. It makes me happy to hear that your family laughs. My Mom passed this December, and I'm so grateful that I was a part of her family. They were always laughing and giggling. I imagine her in heaven, reunited with her brothers and sisters who left before her, and laughing once again. Thanks to Mom, I'm so aware of what's important in life. Your puzzle is perfect.

Great comment Mjoe! I agree with your outlook on life. We definitely enjoy the healing benefits of laughing quite often in our home. Good to hear you enjoyed working this one and it's message.


Great message. We MUST live with passion.. if not, why bother living at all? We MUST love deeply. If we love "gently", is that love? Or is it just "fondness"? And laughing... many experts have written about the health benefits of laughing. "Snickering" isn't enough. Snickering doesn't feel as good as a real belly laugh. Those are purifying. Those, in good numbers, can make a happy life.

Savannaa, thank you for this most meaningful puzzle message. Thank you.

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