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  1. elmersandy12:15
  2. drattenbury14:50
  3. Gordon7114:54
  4. auershop15:32
  5. Subs16:32
  6. DelticBC17:09
  7. EastClintwood17:29
  8. csqwared19:21
  9. ptrimble20:37
  10. ferreter21:01


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Thanks Gordon. I enjoyed your military and NASA posts of a similar theme.

Thanks c2. The text adds another dimension to the puzzle subject.

Great, like things like this. Any other puzzles similar to this, trains, planes, ships? These are very interesting. Thanks again East, keep them coming.


Thanks again East for a really interesting puzzle. Brought back memories of watching Fred Dibnah and his discussions on Trevithick's beam engines in the Cornwall copper mines. An extremely talented engineer. I posted this comment yesterday after completing the puzzle and reading it but for some reason it never appeared.


Thanks Deltic. Wales does seem to have become very topical recently. I found the puzzle very enjoyable and the content interesting to read.


Nice set today East. Enjoyed this one very much. I walked along the Pen-y-Darren track bed when we lived in Wales, and I felt the history in my bones!

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