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Marcie and Rosina..

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Marcie at Majorca was reading a hand-made book titled 'Beach Music' by Pat Conroy ( that I, very aptly, happened to be reading at the time I made her) and Rosina the Italian Nona quilting. She has black & white wool hair that I got from a farm near where my Mum lived - and has her basket of quilting squares beside her.

I made both from scratch using leftovers, offcuts and quilting materials.
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They have such interesting personalities !!!!
Rob, you really are very talented. ☺


My pleasure Nev - thanks :)))


Fabulous stuff, Rob. Many thanks for posting. ♥♥♥


The hardest part was turning the arms and legs inside out and pushing the stuffing in evenly BK - and the trickiest part was tensioning the facial stitches to get the right expression!!but I enjoyed making them and I'm pleased you liked them:))) Thanks BK:))

Thanks Jacki - no, I gave some away to family and friends but never sold any. They're more a labour of love!!! Thanks :)))


these are so clever and unique. do you ever sell them? i would bet you could if you were in the right store, with one of kind dolls. .


I've done a little doll making (years ago) and can appreciate all the work you've put into these. Being on a small scale too makes them ever more difficult. Thanks for sharing them with us☺


Thanks Barb, Shirley, Suzy ( she did - she told me on the quiet!), Janet and Patti - I've got one more doll to post:)))))


Wow! You're so creative! Love them, Robyn!


I say keep them coming Rob, everyone seems to love them. hugs ♥


Each and every detail is done to perfection! I hope Marcie at Majorca enjoyed reading "Beach Music" as much as I! Rosina is spending her time being as creative as you!
Again, these are fabulous.
Thank you for posting more!


I love hand made dolls and these are terrific, a little out of the ordinary, well done, Rob, Thank you.


They are fabulous Rob, pure genius!


I love these two ladies and their names are so creative, Rob....LOL Thank you for the laugh....LOL


Thanks Janet:))) I'll post one more - and I think that will do:)))))


They are brilliant thanks Rob and of course I love the quilter (especially her hair) but Marci is pretty amazing too. Hugs my friend ♥


Thanks Cindy:)))

LOL!! Sorry Lunie - I don't make them anymore:))))))


Can we put an order formit rob?


I'm impressed...Too cute!!


I used to do quilting Lunie - but I haven't for quite a few years now. I still have a display case with about 12 or 14 dolls - I gave some away to family and friends. Thanks :))


You do quilting also rob? How talented could you be...both are fantastic, where are they now? You still making them?


Thank you - bow, bow!!!! LOL!!! Glad you like them Kirsten!!


Brilliant!! Just brilliant! *clap, clap* Take a bow, Rob. You deserve it. (❛ᴗ❛)

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