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Say it ain't so! 2020 just keeps on causing trouble...

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Due to Coronavirus related factory shut-downs, Peeps will not be on the shelves for Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. Production is being geared toward Easter, 2021... in April... yeah, April 2021...


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TSS in no laughing matter (unless it is).

Spotted Dick can be signs of a health problem (unless it isn't).

World Market is good for some items, and way overpriced for others (unless it is not).


@rswestley Well, comment at your own risk I guess, but I know I have a clean bill of health, I wasn't the one who brought the spotted dick...LOL! Funny you should mention penicillin, we are talking about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in class currently. :o)


We had a World Market, but I think the local health department shut it down. The authorities suspected Spotted Dick was causing an outbreak of an STD. When you went camping I hope you put your Spotted Dick in a pan of bowling water for about 3 minutes before you ate it.... Is it contageous? Since you are leaving comments, should all of us here go get penicillin shots? or wear a protective covering over our mouths?


For those of us in the US, do you guys have World Market near you? I LOVE that store! I love going in there and buying a bunch of random stuff and going home and making it up or sampling it out with my family or whatever. This one time, at band just kidding...this one time for Independence Day, my besties and I went camping. Not roughing it or anything of the sort by any means, but before we went, I went to World Market and bought a bunch of stuff and we spent one of the nights trying a whole bunch of different stuff, it was a blast. It was my first experience with Spotted Dick... LMAO!!!

I love Milky Ways as well. All the foods from all over is also wonderful.


@th_counselor: mmmh milky way.... The different coatings make sense. As does
@Ianto: your explanation. Thanks you guys, :-)

Kebawe: most many of the goods that are made in the US were brought here from every other place. Then the tastes mingle.


@Kebawe But even when they come from the US, sometimes they are different for the tastes of the country they are going to. For instance, our candy bars here are not the same as those of the same names in other countries. They contain different layers or coatings or stuff like that. Offhand I want to say the Milky Way is different here than in the UK. There are other things too, I just can't think of others off the top of my head.

I would think from the UK, but I could be wrong.


I‘m not so sure about that Ianto, most of our things here in Austria originally came from the US...


Hard to believe, but Halloween is only six weeks away. As soon as one holiday is over, treats and supplies for the next one go on the shelves. Cards are understandable, in case you want to write and mail them, and I won't complain about the candy being sold. Perhaps this year, we really need holidays to look forward to...

Kebawe: I'm sure that you have things that those of us in the Us never heard of.

Many stores here normally would have put Christmas items out already.


Hm, we don‘t have peeps in Austria so I wondered... Is this rwally a Halloween treat?

But... I akready find gingerbread things in the supermarkets, although its only September! When I was young Lebkuchen (gingerbread) only appeared in the shelves end November, perfect for my birthday parties...

Sad how everything changes so fast...


mpp, thanks for your suggestions, but my dentist has assured me that if I use a topical fluoride treatment I will be protected from Peep airbags, a 6 mil layer of Marshmallow Fluff and flak jackets made of Rice Krispy Treats.

I've been sitting on the fence as to thinking if global warming is real or just a money maker for our politicians, but you have left me no choice. If there is a possibility of no snowballs, we must act now, before all the snowballs melt. I have put a supercharger on my ice maker and I am now leaving my refrigerator door open 24/7. We must all do our part, so tell all of your friends to donate any extra popsicles or smoothies to the Department of Transportation to be used for resurfacing our roads

And thank your for your efforts to keep my favorite handy man from becoming invisible. You did a great job!


doubledog, whenever Sugar Sugar is threatening my brain with a home invasion, I simply open a can of Spam. The best part about opening a can of Spam is you don't need to eat the Spam to ward off the evil Sugar Sugars. Open the can of Spam, put the Spam on a desert plate and put the Spam in the fridge... now you can lick the gelatinous goodness out of the can and save the Spam for the next time Queen Elizabeth drops in at tea time... it's a win, win

Don't make me think about "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies.... TOO LATE! It's in my brain and it'll be there all day!

Sugar (dah dah dee dah dnt doo)
Ahh, honey honey (dah dah dee dah dnt doo)
You are my candy girl
And you got me wantin you!


TIM - your comment made me ponder the softness of treats in this country. I've heard of the pesky lack of airbags in Yugos and can't think of a replacement for Peeps. If you weren't in a hot climate I would suggest smearing Marshmallow Fluff all over yourself, but that won't work in this case. Perhaps if you wore a flak jacket made of Rice Krispy Treats, you would be afforded some protection.

Let's pray this is the worst we have to deal with. There could be unimaginable shortages in necessary foodstuffs down the road. This thing could snowball (no Snowballs!)... no cinnamon toothpicks... no Raisinettes... oh, the horror...

Hey girls, gather round
Because of what I'm puttin' down
Oh, baby, I'm your candy man
I'm not the kind that uses Twizzlers to rule
I'm handy with the Sweet Tarts, I'm no fool
I fix broken teeth, I know I really can...


mpp... I find your news about Peeps to be very distressing. I may have to garage my car for a couple of months. You probably know my Yugo does not have air bags, so to keep my Yugo street legal, I glue Peeps all over my dashboard and steering wheel. But after about a year the Peeps get stale and hard, so every year I buy 213 packages of Peeps and replace the petrified Peeps. So what do I do now? Huh? OH! I've got an idea...

"Grab your board and go sidewalk surfin' with me....

We can do the tricks the surfers do, just try a
"Quasimodo" or "The Coffin" too, why don't you?

Grab your board and go sidewalk surfin' with me
Skateboard with me, why don't you skateboard me?
Grab your board and go sidewalk surfin' with me"


th_c, I'm glad you found my comment humorous, that tells me you survived the trauma of your dad disguising a blue pair of patent leather shoes to look like a potato pancake. The worst my dad ever did was feed me a McDonald's Filet-o-fish that spent 25 years in a time capsule buried in a cemetery 6 feet under an outhouse. Fortunately for me I had been eating Spam for several years so I had built up an immunity. To this day I think I owe my life to Spam... the antidote of anything nasty


@rswestley I literally almost spit out my coffee all over my computer laughing! Yeah, and those in the pic actually look better than my dads, at least they look somewhat crispy-ish. The combination of gray goo, paste-like mouth feel and fish scent, I cannot tell you how quickly I turn around and leave my parents house if anyone even mentions the words "potato pancakes". I am truly scarred for having been put through it. I always said I would never do that to my kids. Someday I will tell you about the Chinese Chicken story...LOL...although in my defense it was the first time I had ever cooked it.


th_c, I have seen diseased livers floating in formaldehyde that looked more edible than that potato "thing" in the picture. If your dad fed you potato "things" like in the picture, I think you could have legally pulled a Lizzie Borden. No jury would have found you guilty... unless Mr Potato Head or Spuds McKenzie was the jury foreman


I would never be able to get a picture of my Dad's pancakes, but here is a close picture I found. Only his are not crispy at all like these seem to be a bit. LOL Brace yourselves and don't say I didn't warn you!


I have lived the majority of my life in a highly concentrated german populated city, so I do know them as latkes and that they are served with sour cream and applesauce. And they are usually much smaller than we would get, and crispy and golden brown or at least potato colored if nothing else.

My younger sister who has never lived anywhere other than here loves his pancakes and eats them with a thick layer of ketchup covering the entire thing. She eats microwaved hashbrown patties the same way, has since she was a child. She has very strange tastes. My mother however, has lived other places and has experienced diversity in foods and thinks they are good, too. But she also thinks our local Mexican restaurant is authentic and delicious. I, on the other hand, only go to the restaurant in the Mexican market because, well, if you don't know that is the place to go then I just feel sorry for!

Good thing that I am sitting down, Bad words. I also am a picky candy eater. But it the price is low enough I give food a way.

Everyone likes different drink flavors. That is why there is so many to pick from.
We will see when we get closer.

Yes on the apple sauce, no on the sour cream.


I have waited for the after holiday candy sales only to find, in some case, my favorites were not around. I have had to (are you sitting down?) pay full price in order to assure obtaining my preferences.

Same here with Powerade - I like strawberry-lemonade. I hope you're wrong about companies getting supplies... we're just starting the "candy holidays", which go through Easter. I don't want to start a new tradition of Christmas Good 'n Plenty...

Potato pancakes are also known as latkes - you may know this - and are often served in delis with a little sour cream. Sometimes, applesauce accompanies them. I do both because, hey! it's my plate! Never ketchup... never. Then they're hash browns.

That they do, I wait until it goes on sale, after.


CVS has a well stocked candy shelf. I have to force myself to stay out of that aisle.



Also, as far as production of certain food stuffs, I think companies are having a hard time getting certain ingredients. For instance, I drink powerade and my favorite flavor is citrus passionfruit. Unfortunately, because of the virus, coca-cola is only producing their best selling flavors right now which is why I can't find it anywhere. I am sure powerade is not the only product affected in this way.

And no, we didn't get any sour cream, that was a rare treat to have that in the house. I didn't even know sour cream went with potatoes until I was an adult. We got salt and pepper and ketchup. (gagging)


LOL Okay, first of all, Circus Peanuts can be found at Fleet Farm or Menards, if you happen to have one of those where you live. Second, I think it is a textural thing for me, it is like trying to eat a sugary sponge, but unlike things like sponge cake or regular marshmallows, they are harder to chew? I don't know, they are also very sweet in my opinion, and that is just gross to me. I don't like anything that is super sweet. Give me a bag of chips or sack of fries any day.

The circus peanuts is another textural thing, it is like chewing and chewing on a sponge.

Candy corn is also nasty.

My favorite candies would include those neapolitan coconut things, peanut butter cups, dark chocolate and mint, whatchamacallits, snickers are okay just the regular kind. I like mounds and almond joy. Green jolly ranchers.

Circus peanuts :-) --do they even make those anymore? I ate pretty much anything sweet as a kid, but those were even too much for me. (I was more a Jujyfruits/Jujubes kind of guy... my dentist must have hated me.)

No i have not.


Have you tried Circus Peanuts in the microwave?

I did see some candy in the dollar store.


Still think they are awesome in the microwave.


Slow down there, counselor. While it's obvious you were traumatized - understandably - by your father's potato pancakes, don't go dissin' Circus Peanuts! Not on MY puzzle! As Ianto pointed out, sugar, food coloring, water. Sure, she meant Peeps, but those are the ingredients that comprise most of my favorite foods (and 67% of my body) and one of those favorites would be Circus Peanuts... sadly, they're not easy to find, but I do luck out occasionally.

When I posted this puzzle, I almost confessed I had just polished off a bag of Easter candy - yes, Easter - from my well stocked candy box... bin... steamer trunk. I check the 'best buy' date and load up every half-price-after-holiday clearance to carry me until my favorites show up on the shelves again. Some people hoard toilet paper, I hoard sweets. I still have a bag of Conversation Hearts from Valentine's Day - made by the same people who make Necco Wafers - good until next year. This Peeps situation has me worried. Is the candy supply chain disrupted? Is my well researched time table invalid? It's September - Halloween candy should be overflowing the store displays... I haven't seen any. Is this a sign? Will candy corn be hard to find? Will Christmas candy canes be scarce?? When will the madness stop???

After candy, carbs are best. Potato pancakes can be delightful, especially when served with a dollop of sour cream. I weep for the happy childhood memories you were denied.

I'll be honest, I'm lukewarm about Peeps, but I empathize with those who are fond of them and are now denied their pleasure. And more honesty... candy corn is repulsive...

It is sugar, food coloring and water.


So what have you got against Peeps. :)


I think Peeps are some of the nastiest things on earth, right up there with circus peanuts (the candy, not actual peanuts), NECCO wafers (holy shit am I showing my age here), Nik-L-Nips (dear god those things were nasty), my dad's potato pancakes (I would rather eat a dozen of everything else I just named covered in some of that cheese from the calf's intestines) and anything from Applebee's. I don't know how people can eat them...Peeps or my dad's potato pancakes or anything from Applebee's, but I digress. Notice I did not include Applebee's in that list of things I would eat before my dad's potato pancakes. A girl has to have her standards.

Once I slept AT the dining room table overnight, to avoid eating those things--the potato pancakes--and still refused to eat them in the morning. Too bad we didn't have a dog at the time, I could have handled the situation really quick...oops, did I spill my plate? So sorry...oh I am grounded for doing that on purpose? Oh well, it would be better than having to eat them things.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, and what is weird is he is a pretty decent cook otherwise, is he takes a butt-ton of potatoes, hand shreds them without treating them in any kind of way so by the time he is done the bottom of the pile is black, the middle is pink and the top is barely white, hello oxidation my old friend. He then proceeds to not season them at all, nor does he add anything into it like onion or anything like that, just the straight-up potato shreds and whatever binder(I don't actually think there is one, but there has to be one right?) into a fry pan one at a time, in too large of a quantity about the size of a plate and way too thick. So what comes out is not this crispy golden brown bird nest looking kind of thing, it is a thick mushy gray thing--yes gray--that smells like fish somehow. He then proceeds to put it in a pile on a dish in the oven to keep it warm until he has made like ten of them, so they can get nice and really mushy and really fishy. Which is weird because we never ate fish, not sure where that smell ever came from. Now, everybody else in my family loves them. I have no idea why. It is like we are in alternate universes. Like, are you not eating what I am eating? Or not eating, as it so happens? My parents were strict--you eat what you are given and you will like it-parents which for the most part I appreciate now because I like a very wide variety of foods, just not those potato pancakes. Not now, not ever. I have had WAY TOO MUCH coffee...




I had heard this. What will I put in my microwave this year?


I thought about this a little more and remembered that there was a time - a barbaric time - when Peeps only came out at Easter. You know, when there were no car seats or seatbelts, no bike helmets, kids drank from the garden hose You made it through before, you'll make it through again. I have faith in you!


What am I gonna do ~~~ What am I gonna do!!!!!!


Just when I though 2020 couldn't get any worse.




On the bright side, I think that things will get better after the frogs and locusts clear out.

Cute and tragic.