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Gorgeous Bedroom!

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?'s mine! My favorite room in the house!
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  1. joyfulnoise48:23
  2. Kate1098:40
  3. oldandancient10:07
  4. jcat10:19
  5. redskinchief10:56
  6. RaynaGrace15:30
  7. mlhawkes9416:57
  8. camaya19:43
  9. jojoreel24:35
  10. peggy2526:22


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I think it was a migraine brought on by the change in weather. I say this because I have heard of so many others complaining of the same symptoms. I think the headache just made me sick at my stomach. Kind of snowballed! Funny thing is the cough seemed to be gone and now that the headache is gone the cough is back! Your prayers are so much appreciated!


Actually I ended up in the ER. The headache and extreme nausea just became too much. The pain med for the headache was worthless. The dr didn't take my suggestion on what meds work for me. It took three shots of nausea medicine and a bag of fluid before they would send me home. Let's just say it was a bad night! Feeling some better but the cough is back! Ugh... just can't catch a break! Thanks for all of your good thoughts! I was thinking about all of you as well! Hugs!


Hope this finds you feeling a bit better. When Mom is sick, everything falls apart. So you need to get better quick and rest is the only way to do it. Hope you take an old mom's advice.


Thank you OandA! There are a few other giraffes around the room! And you have a good eye for the one on the table. It's a picture frame! Haven't been on much the past two days. Too sick to puzzle. Hugs!


I guess great minds think alike! And Molly is already there! I am heading up shortly...hope she gives up my side of the bed!


Beautiful room, Joy. Love your bed. Coincidence it matches the puzzle I posted today! Can see why Molly enjoys being in it, lol.

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