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Marzipan Mushroom

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In my early memories of these confection glucose goodies were hung on a xmas tree.. I would sneak out of bed and snatch one where it's absence might not be noticed..

Today the recipe can be made with Allulose natural sugar and it is only 1.6 sweet calories per spoon :-))

Allulose has approximately 90% fewer calories than sucrose (table sugar) But has no effect on blood glucose and insulin which is the main reason it’s safe to consume..

In marzipan, allulose replaces powdered sugar..
Add a binding agent like egg whites..
Combine with almond paste..
Use blanched almonds for white color,
Un-blanched almonds for darker colors..
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Because you are even more unforgettable Fiona it is a pleasure to meet a fellow shutterbug..

Your puzzle foods were / are clearly the work of a passionate soul.. Only now I understand it's not the flavor that incites but it is the color that seduces your lens. :-))


Thank you so much for thinking of me, Alex, but the fact is, I love food photography and hate food preparation! However, I've forwarded the links to my sister, who loves working in the kitchen.

I adore mushrooms, and so does she, but I'll be interested to see whether she will say, "Yes, I will make these today." Lol.

So, Mr. Man Without a Country, I am longing to know in which region we hang mushrooms on an xmas tree! ~ hugs ~


@Mischka knowing your food preparation hobby, here is a pointer that should take you to my kitchen magic :-))


Good job on sculpting these cute mushrooms! Now you need to do the same with the kitties! Ha!
Hope you are having fun and thank you for tagging this to me...


@jbprols these mushrooms came to mind at your nice cats puzzle :-))

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