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Timmy removing the sink plug out of the basement bathroom. ( My bathroom) Pat's is up stairs.

He can also turn on the under cabinet mount radio in the kitchen. Yesterday he turned on the coffeemaker and brewed the coffee. We now keep it un plugged.
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How amazing! Maybe Timmy could learn how to get you a coffee when you wake in the morning! One of my cats years ago loved to sit in the sink, and the bird bath, and he would also get in the bath with me! Moyshe was a strange cat and didn't mind water at all!


Thanks Rob, he really is a keeper, The people at the shelter always ask me about him , They have a facebook page where I post photos of him . In fact I'm going to the shelter this morning and help out a while , cleaning litter boxes , ugh , filling food and water dishes. I want to bring them all home. Its a no kill shelter , some very dedicated volunteers there . One woman Anita, has 13 of her own cats , talk about an animal lover. Jim


Neville, don't give him any ideas, that's one of my few forms of exercise. Besides I like cutting the grass , he can look out the back porch window and watch me, while he's sipping on a cool lemonade. Jim


Janet, Sometimes when he's up by the sink, I turn on the water , he leaves it alone then and just watches the water go down the drain. That really fascinates him.
Lots of animal lovers on jigidi, I like seeing other peoples pets too , it was nice to see your beautiful Miffie this morning, didn't get to see Molly. Hugs back dear friend, Jim


LOL!! He's one smart cat Jim:)))) I'm so pleased that he's turned out to be a keeper:)))) Thanks :))


Jim, here's the clever boy who is going to lose your basin plug! What else can he turn on and off too! He is too smart! These are gorgeous photos of him at his work. I've just been reading all the comments and everyone is loving this photo. Thanks and hugs dear friend, Janet


BK , he turned it on yesterday morning at around 1 AM, A little early for me. were on a different schedule than Timmy is. We keep the coffeemaker unplugged now. Jim


Hi Ginger , I got my self out of sequence. Nice to hear from you as always ,hugs , Jim.


Hello again Auntie Marlene, Timmy will be so thrilled to hear from you again and get some more loving and tummy rubs from his dear Auntie Marlene.
Breakfast in bed would be nice , I hope he brings it on paper plates so I don't have to wash dishes.
Hope you have a great day. Love and hugs from Pat Timmy and me.♥♥♥


Florrie , I never thought of that . He's much smarter than I give him credit for. Jim


Jana , it is nice to have a helper around the house . If I ever need a wheel chair , I hope he can push me around. Jim


Smllpkg , he is so much fun, were always laughing at his antics. He filled the hole in our hearts after we lost two cats last year ,one to cancer the other to heart failure. First time Pat saw me cry in 49 years of marriage. Jim


HELLO TIMMY, Looking Beautiful. Busy Helping Out Around The House I See. You Soon Will Be Able To Give Mom & Dad Breakfast In Bed, == BUT == Let Them Do The Washing Up. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == EXTRA BIG TUMMY TICKLES & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene. Many Thanks For Sharing Your Great Assistant With Us, Love and Best Wishes Jim & Pat. Marlene. X X X X.


Perhaps you can teach him to turn on the coffee in the morning for you :-)


One smart cat...Good looker too. Hugs. Thanks my friend. ;O))


Timmy're very clever cat ♥
Nothing is better than a good assistant, you have half the work Jim. Have a great weekend ☻


Clever Timmy!


Thanks Eva he will love you for that and will purr for you. Jim

Handy Timmy, Thanks Jim. I'm sending for Timmy stroking.

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