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  1. zzzz116:58
  2. fdr18:57
  3. srr19:17
  5. pmazu23:45
  6. kittygirl5223:53
  7. TINKY26:01
  8. Englishred26:48
  9. Redlicorice28:05
  10. hackettjoanb28:27


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Aquawrench, I was absolutely clueless what you were talking about, but I put in the search words-
Lever Lagoon Boiler Island
...on Google. The first link I clicked on made me ever MORE confused than I already was, but thankfully the next link I clicked on made what you said clear to me.

Oh, I can sure understand why you ended up picking the name you did. I remember once on a website that I had to try about 15 names before I finally came up with one that no one else had. What was especially surprising is that I used different combinations of numbers along with "Wendy" but people had already picked them.

My guess is that no one else will ever think to pick "Aquawrench." LOL!


A long time ago on something called America Online I was trying to come up with a user name but they all seemed to be taken so I had to come up with the most ridiculous word imaginable. I was playing Riven at the time so I got my inspiration from the lever in the lagoon on boiler island. Because I'm too lazy to come up with something else, I sometimes still use the old 'wrench.


LOL! That's so very nice of you, Aquawrench. I have a question. What on earth made you decide to be called Aquawrench? Your parents didn't give you that name, or did they?


Next time I will make a puzzle of a puzzle of a puzzle in your honor.


I had to get a new mouse so that I could take back the pieces.


I thought it was very frustrating because some of the pieces were missing. I found a few of them on the floor....later on. But srr had all the rest.


Very frustrating puzzle because I kept wanting to solve the under-puzzle!

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