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March Virtual Party (Mar21P04) - All Are Welcome

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“If you restore balance in your own self,
you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.”
- Deepak Chopra

Dear Friends, Jigidiers and Guests,

For March 2021, I am hosting a virtual party in Maui to celebrate all happy occasions in the month of March - birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

I selected Maui as our vacation spot because of its excellent weather at this time of the year and also for our friends who are residing in the northern hemisphere to enjoy a Hawaiian trip away from the cold.

Feel free to invite your friends, whom you would like to enjoy this party with, by tagging them to this puzzle as everyone is warmly welcome to this event.

There are various kinds of activities that we can take part in while we are in Maui :

- Lounge and soak up the sun on Maui's beautiful beaches :

- Wailea Beach located at Maui's southwest coast - Its relatively calm waters are great for swimming, snorkeling and relaxation . It is clean. Its sand is tawny coloured and palm trees line the area. There is a paved walkway that links the shoreline to the hotels, shops and restaurants.

- Kaanapali Beach - located in northwest Maui is a good place to sunbathe, snorkel and surf. It is a resort area with hotels, restaurants and an open-air shopping centre (Whalers Village).

Napili Beach - This crescent-shaped beach has much calmer waters compared with those of other Maui beaches. We can swim, paddleboard, boogie-board and snorkel here.

- Snorkeling - We can see colourful fishes, 5 different types of sea turtles and beautiful coral formations of Maui's reefs. Good snorkelling locations are Kaanapali Beach, Ulua Beach, Honolua Bay and the crescent-shaped Molokini Beach (which is reachable only by a boat tour).

- Visit Maui Ocean Centre - an aquarium and oceanography centre located in Maalaea. This large tropical reef aquarium has exhibits of coral reef habitats - sea turtles, sharks, and humpback whales.

- Travel on the Road to Hana (scenic Highway 360) and delight in East Maui's beautiful coastline. We will travel through lush rainforest and see cascading waterfalls. It is a truly beautiful and incredible drive with lots of winding curves.

- Join Pineapple Farm Tours.

- Have a game of golf at one of the island's many golf courses.

- Enjoy Sunset Dinner Cruises which offer tropical gourmet dinners, great wines and original Hawaiian music.

- Learn about Maui's history and culture - We can visit the Valley State Park, Banyan Tree Park and the Old Lahaina Luau. The tiny Banyan Tree Park, located near the courthouse and the harbour in Lahaina on Maui's northwest coast, has one of the largest banyan trees in Maui. This park hosts Art in the Park on every second and fourth weekend of the month. During this time, we will find a variety of local artists sellling paintings and handmade crafts.

On your way to Maui, while flying on the Magic Carpet, you would have enjoyed a bird's eye view of the incredible sight of this beautiful island from the air. You had a glimpse of the dormant Haleakala volcano, rain forests, stunning waterfalls, different coloured beaches, cliffs and valleys.

The Magic Carpet flies you to a virtual seafront resort hotel. Aloha, my friends. Welcome to Maui. Your Virtual Personal Butler will assist in checking you to your room, and will attend to your requests.

When we are all gathered at the Grand Ballroom of the hotel, we will be handed a glass of fine champagne for toasting to the birthday boys and girls and wedding anniversary couples.

The birthday and wedding cakes are ready for cutting and distribution to the guests. Let us raise our glass of champagne and wish all the March babies and wedding anniversary couples Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding Anniversaries and may all of them be blessed with Happiness and Good Health throughout the year. Cheers :-) Kāmau :-)

Cjnola will be celebrating her birthday with us this month. "Happy Birthday, Cjnola. May you enjoy Good Health and have an Abundance of Blessings." Cheers :-) Hau’Oli Maoli Oe (Happiness towards you) :-)

For lunch, the Virtual Chef and his virtual assistants have prepared a sumptuous buffet of food found in the island of Maui. They may represent local food and food from other countries as well as cuisine that is a fusion of Hawaiian and other cultures. Taste his virtual food and we will discover his amazing culinary talent that went into the creation of food using only the Freshest Seafood, Freshly Picked Vegetables and Fruits, Farmfresh Produce as well as Organic and Free Range Meats.

For our vegan and vegetarian friends, there is a Healthy, Salad and Soup Bar.

For folks who like sushi, there is a Sushi Bar.

For dinner, we will be attending a Luau where Traditional and Authentic Hawaiian Food will be served.

Now let me introduce you to some of the food that the Virtual Chef has skillfully and lovingly prepared for our lunch.


- Ahi Tuna seared to your liking. The dipping sauce is just wonderful.

- Beef grilled till tender, accompanied with a delicious sauce.

- Seafood Cakes made with Lobster, Crab and Scallop, accompanied with Relishes and a fabulous Japanese Inspired Sauce.


- Hawaii's Oxtail Soup - nourishing and soothing. Tender oxtails are slow cooked in a savoury broth with Ginger and Spices (Star Anise and Bay Leaves). A classic local dish.

- Maui Onion Soup - A Pacific version of the classic French Onion Soup with ingredients like thinly sliced Maui Onions, Bouquet Garni (Parsley, Bay Leaf and Thyme), Black Peppercorns, Kosher Salt, Wine, Stock and even Cognac. Yummy.

- Portuguese Bean Soup - A popular Hawaiian soup. Key ingredients - Ham Hocks, Linguiça (Portuguese Sausage seasoned with Garlic and Paprika), Kidney Beans, Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Herbs and Portuguese Spices. It is a hearty soup. Simply delicious.


- Mahi-Mahi - Fish sauteed in Garlic and Butter on a hot skillet. A marinade of Honey, Lemon Juice and Sesame Seeds is then poured over the cooked fish.

- Mouth-watering Freshly Grilled Seafood.

- Grilled Beef.

- Roasted Chicken.

- Rack of Lamb.

- Hawaiian Pulled Pork or Kalua Pig which has been simply seasoned with coarse Pink Hawaiian Alaea salt. It is yummy. Just spoon the meat on a warm bun. Side dishes - Coleslaw, Pineapple Chunks, Poi (Mashed Taro Root). Hawaiian Style Barbecue Sauce is available.

- Saimin - a delightful presentation of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino influence over this piping hot bowl of Soba Noodles cooked in a Dashi base garnished with Damaboko, Diced Green Onions, and Pork. Additional Toppings are available - Char Siu, Sliced Spam, Sliced Egg, Shredded Nori and Chinese Dumplings.

- Manapua (Steamed Buns Hawaiian Style) filled with a choice of local Hawaiian or Asian ingredients. We can select a savoury Manapua with fillings of Kalua Pork , Curried Chicken, Boiled Eggs or we can have a Manapua with a sweet filling like Sweet Bean Paste or Okinawan Sweet Potato.

- Coconut Shrimp.

- Tequila Shrimp.

- Fish Tacos.


- A cup of Hawaiian Shave Ice - A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Adzuki Bean Paste are placed at the bottom of the cup. Shavings from a block of ice fill up the cup and then Flavoured Syrups are poured over the tiny ice shavings. Sweetened Condensed Milk is then drizzled over the top of the ice shavings for a little extra richness. Or, we can request for a Drizzle of Honey over the shaved ice. Toppings of Guava, Pineapple, Kiwifruit, Banana, Berries and Mango are available.

- Hula Pie - Whipped Cream forms the base of this dessert. Macadamia Nut Ice Cream is then scopped onto a Chocolate Cookie Crust. A layer of Cooled Chocolate Fudge is scooped over the ice cream. Hot Chocolate Fudge is then poured over the top of this dessert. Finally a topping of Toasted Macadamia Nuts is sprinkled over the Hot Fudge.

- Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pie

- Banana Cream Pie

- Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cheesecake

- Premium Ice Cream. Available flavours are Chocolate, Adzuki Bean, Green Tea, Strawberry, Mango, etc. We can drizzle Chocolate and/or Caramel Sauce over the Ice Cream to make it into a Sundae with toppings of tropical fruits (Mango, Guava, Pineapple, etc) and Macadamia Nuts.


- Blue Hawaiian - A tropical Cocktail made with Rum, Blue Curaçao, Coconut Cream, and Pineapple Juice. It is garnished with a Slice of Pineapple and a Maraschino Cherry and served in a chilled highball glass.

- Lava Flow - A Coconut-based Drink consisting of Strawberries blended with Light Rum and Dark Rum which is then poured into a tall glass. Pureed Banana, Pineapple Juice and Coconut Cream is then poured into the Strawberry Mixture and we will see the first mixture creeps slowly up the sides and over the glass like lava. The 2 distinct layers of colours and flavours will flow and combine as we drink. This is an authentic Hawaiian drink. It is fun and it tastes very good.

- Mai Tai - Some of its ingredients are Maui Pineapple Rum, Grand Marnier, Coconut Rum, Dark Rum and Syrup. Lime Wedges, Pineapple Wedges and Orange Wedges are used for muddling. Lime Wedges are used as garnishes.

- Mojito - Rum, Fresh Lime, Pomegranate Juice, Orange Curaçao, Mint and Sugar mixed with Soda Water. It is served over ice in a highball glass. It is a refreshing drink.

- Fresh Fruit Juices

- Fruit Smoothies

- Coffee and Tea

After lunch, we may join some sightseeing tours, visit places of interest, participate in sports activities or just rest and relax at the hotel's pool, etc.

All the ladies will find that a Hula Long Dress, Floral Lei Necklace and Bracelet and a Fresh Flower Hairpin have been waiting for them at their hotel room. The gentlemen's personal butler will present them with a Hawaiian Shirt and Floral Lei Necklace. In the evening, we will all be ready for dinner at the beautifully lit and decorated beach in front of the hotel.

For dinner, we will be having Luau (Lūʻau) which is a Traditional Hawaiian Party or Feast).

Some of the Authentic Hawaiian Food that we will be enjoying will be :


- Potato Salad

- Uala (Hawaiian Sweet Potato)


Poke (Diced Raw Fish which is a Native Hawaiian Cuisine).


Chicken Long Rice, Kālua puaʻa (Succulent Hawaiian Roast Pig), Squid Lūʻau (Traditional Native Hawaiian Food - consisting of Squid, Taro Leaves, Coconut Milk, Garlic, Water and Hawaiian Salt), Chicken Lūʻau, and Lau Lau (Pork and Butterfish in Taro Leaf) which comes with a side of Macaroni Salad and Rice.


- Lomilomi Salmon (a Hawaiian Side Dish consisting of Fresh Tomato, Shredded Salmon, Sweet Maui Onions and Scallions). It is always served cold.

- Poi (a traditional Polynesian staple made from Mashed Taro)

- Hawaiian Sweet Bread


- Haupia (a traditional coconut milk-based Hawaiian dessert)

- Kulolo (Hawaiian Dessert made with Grated Taro, Coconut Milk, Brown Sugar and Honey)


- Pineapple, Mango, Payaya, Guava, Rambutan, Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit and Custard Apple,

There will be entertainment - Hawaiian Music and Hula Dance.

After dinner, there will be Ukulele, Guitar and Drums Lessons for folks who are interested in learning how to play these instruments or to learn how to play some Hawaiian songs with these musical instruments.

There will also be Hula Dance Lessons conducted by professional Hula Dancers.

Dear friends, I hope that you have enjoyed this virtual party in Maui.
Please stay as long as you like.

I look forward to seeing you at my next Virtual Party which will be held on 1 April 2021.
One of the birthday boys will be my best friend, John. Both of us will be looking forward to seeing and meeting up with all of you in April. Mahalo :-)

Jason :-)

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 96, 260 and 600 pieces.
Please enjoy and have fun solving this puzzle.

Puzzle 808

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I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.
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Thank you, Joy :-)

I cherish you, too, my sister in Christ.

Smiles of Having Faith and Trust in the Lord,
Jason :-))


I love your response, Jason. Thank you. I cherish having you as a brother in Christ.


Oh, Joy, I am blessed to have a considerate friend like you :-)

Yes, I would certainly love to welcome you to the July 2021 Virtual Party
and I am delighted that you have accepted the invitation.

To continue to have future virtual parties - meaning to draw, create and post them in time for the babies of the month, I will have to have some time management in place.

At the most, if I cannot post the puzzle by the traditional 1st of the month, there will then be a delay of 1 or 2 days.

There will definitely be an April Virtual Party as my best friend, John, is an April baby.
In fact, my first virtual party was created for him.

You are right, Joy, the Lord will guide me in my all the activities of my life and so far,
He has been very kind and good to me. To God be the Glory.

Smiles of the Joy of Creating Virtual Parties for Friends,
Jason :-)


Jason, of course I would come. I can appreciate the time and effort you put into your parties. This one for March, as an example, was evidence of extensive research and creativity. The menu choices, the nearby activities, the lessons, all the extras were amazing. I can see that with your time constraints it might be wise to put your parties on hold until life slows down a bit. You are a caring and kind person to even create these events for fellow Jigidiers, but sometimes life circumstances change. No one will think less of you if you take a break or discontinue the parties. I know you love the Lord, so I know He will lead you in choosing your priorities. Bless you, Jason.


Dear Joy,

I do this because I like to make it fun for birthday babies of the month - those were the days when I had more time on my hands.

I know where to find birthday babies but I do not wish to compete with others, so I do not tag folks to my puzzles unless they are my friends or have made it known to me that they celebrate their birthdays in a certain month. Of course, friends are welcome to invite their friends or people they know who are birthday babies to these parties by tagging them to my puzzles.

It has been quite a while that I have been thinking of stopping all this as it does involve a lot of time and effort.

Let us see how things go after April, this year. If I have the time, I would like to continue with this idea of mine - elaborate virtual parties.

Would you come, if I draw and post a virtual party puzzle for July 2021?

Smiles and Wishes for More Time,
Jason :-)


I was not aware that you hosted these parties until you notified me of this one. You put an amazing amount of work into it. I am impressed. All the research and imagination you put into this is deeply appreciated. Only you can decide if all your effort pays off, but it sure looks like people enjoyed it. Look how many came! I wish there were a way to get the word out broadly like is true for Ank's parties. BTW, my birthday is in July, and I'll be 75!


Oh, Joy, I have made a blunder. My apologies.

It is gracious of you to come and celebrate the birthdays of all March babies.

I am glad that at least there are March babies here, besides one friend of mine. And, now we have your family members. This is going to be good.

I would like to wish your sister, cousin, brother-in-law and your grandma (who is with Jesus), A Very Happy March Birthday. May their wishes come true. May they be blessed with Good Health and Happiness.

And, to you, Joy, a toast for Good Health and Happiness everyday of the year.

You know, Joy, sometimes, I do feel a bit silly to be organising and hosting monthly birthday parties and most of the time there are no real birthday babies, though everyone is always welcome to attend such events (regardless of whether it is their birthday or someone's else) Silly on my part, right? Just speaking my mind.

Perhaps, I should only host virtual parties in April for my best friend, John.

Smiling and Wondering if I should continue with Virtual Parties,
Jason :-)


Alas, Jason, I m not a March birthday, but I came to help the March birthday folk celebrate. What good are birthday parties if no guests come who are helping them celebrate! I'm honoring my many family members, though, who DO have March birthdays: my sister, my cousin, my bro-in-law, and my grandma (who is with Jesus).


You are most welcome, Kossamu :-)

Aloha, and welcome to this virtual party at Maui.

The pleasure is mine to provide you with some enjoyment and fun here.

It is wonderful to know that this celebration at Maui has bring back lovely memories of your trip to Hawaii. It has the same joyful effect for me, too. Happy memories and wonderful times, though years ago :-0

A toast to your Good Health and Happiness. Cheers :-)

Smiles of Beautiful Memories,
Jason :-)


Thanks Jason for a lovely treat I so remember from my trip to Hawaii❤️❤️


Dear Joy,

Aloha, my dear friend and welcome to this virtual party that I am hosting at Maui for all March birthday babies :-)

Happy Birthday and may you receive plentiful of blessings.
I would like to toast to your Good Health and Happiness.
Hau’Oli Maoli Oe.

Thank you for the compliment on the party. I am glad that you came and that you are enjoying it.

The Maui Ocean Centre is a hit with a large number of friends who have gathered at this party. There is a lot to see. It is an exciting and educational place to visit.

The Maui Onion Soup is delicious. And so is the Portuguese Bean Soup.

Kālua puaʻa is always a feature item at Luau parties. It is a must try item.
Fresh local fruits - these are yummy and healthy treats.

Glad that you will be taking guitar lessons, Joy.
Ah, these lessons are taught by a professional musician. He is very patient and willing to share his knowledge and techniques with us. I do not know how to play the guitar.

Please stay as long as you wish in this paradise island, Joy.

Smiles for a Birthday Girl,
Jason :-)


What a fun party you've arranged, Jason!!! I'd like to visit the Maui Ocean Centre, so I can take pictures of the various species shown there. The Maui onion sounds delicious, followed by Kālua puaʻa, and an array of fresh fruits. I would like to take the guitar lessons. Will you be teaching the lessons yourself, Jason? I think Il stay overnight, too, so I have time to visit with my Jigidi friends. Thank you again Jason!!






Jillian, it is always so wonderful to have friends, like you, who come to the party, enjoy themselves and write an appreciative comment :-) I am blessed by your kindness.

Glad to hear that you like the menu for this party.

Hula dancing lessons - not to be missed as we will be taking lessons from professional hula dancers who will demonstrate and teach us how to dance this awesome dance like an experienced hula dancer and the meanings and messages of different hand gestures, etc

Thank you for your good wishes. May you receive them, too.

Smiles of Appreciation,


Hula dance lessons - that sounds great. Jason those menus sound amazing, feel full just reading through it :-)) Great party Jason May you be blessed with love, joy and peace. Thank you




Dear Joy,

I know that your birthday is in March, so I would like to invite you to celebrate your birthday with us at this virtual party that I am hosting in Maui for March babies :-)

Happy Birthday and may you be richly blessed with Good Health and Happiness. Cheers.

Smiles for a March Birthday Girl,
Jason :-)


Yes, please help yourself to some drinks, Oynot :-)

There is always non-alcoholic ones, too.
The Virtual Bartender is more than willing to fix drinks on order.
He especially like to create special ones for friends and guests.

I like fresh fruit juices. Sometimes, I mix 2 or 3 fruits together for a refreshing drink.

Smiles of Having Virtual Drinks,
Jason :-)


Bev, good to see that you can make it to this party :-)

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
Let me help you to some food and drinks.

Great to hear that the weather is getting better for you.
Meanwhile, the weather in Maui is fantastic.

Please continue to take good care of yourself and always stay safe.

Smiles of Meeting a Friend Again,
Jason and John :-))


Stopping in for a drink :-)

Hi Jason,
I am late again and I do find myself getting slower and slower but hanging in the best I can. We are on our way to better weather and that will be a blessing.
Take care and keep well, regards to John and stay safe.


Hello Marion,

It is good to see that you have arrived safely in Maui.

The weather is wonderful here. So you can virtually be away from the cold that one is experiencing in Holland.

I am glad that you like the yummy food.
Chocolate, fresh salad and warm sunshine sounds heavenly.

Some of our friends from the northern hemisphere are having a relaxing time at the lovely beaches.

Thank you for being with us and having fun with us, too.

Smiles for a Friend from Holland,
Jason :-)


hi Jason,, i just found this very special story made by you☺☺ it sounds good and i enjoy all the tasty things you mentioned, i love sunshine and choclat and a fresh salad☺☺ thanks for the fun♣ (and i make the score on 356☺☺)marion from cold Holland (5degr.) and yesterday 15! and sitting in the sun☼have good times♥


You are most welcome, June :-)

Glad to know that you are feeling at home here.

Smiles of Joy,
Jason :-)

Dear Jason,

Aloha to you, and I accept with thanks the beautiful floral necklace you have placed around my neck. The perfume from the flowers is simply gorgeous.

I will make speed to where the Hula Dancers are gathered, for their welcome. Another lovely touch.

Although this is my first Virtual Party, I already feel at home - I recognise many of your friends and I have had contact with some of them. I look forward to renewing my acquaintance with them and to getting to know those I haven't already met. There will be many opportunities over the time we will be spending together.

Thank you so much for your beautiful Toast, and I would like to wish the same to you. Thank you for the most genuine welcome you have extended to me.

Sincere good wishes,


Dear June,

As I say Aloha to you, I place a floral lei necklace round your neck :-)

Hula dancers have heard of your arrival and they are gathered here to perform a hula dance for you to welcome you to their paradise home.

Welcome, my dear new friend. This is your first virtual party. However, very soon you will begin to feel at home. Everyone here is amiable and kind. Many of my friends here have been attending my virtual parties for a long time.

It is great to know that you love the gifts in your hotel room. Thank you for being appreciative.

The tropical fruits are delicious. They are refreshing and full of vitamins.

I see that I am blessed with an active party goer who would like to participate in everything that I have planned and arranged. June, I am grateful for the joy and energy that you bring to this party.

Meanwhile, I would like to toast to your Good Health, and Happiness. May you be abundantly blessed.

Smiles of Meeting a New Friend,
Jason :-)


Thank you, Irena for wanting to spend the month of March in the magical island of Maui :-)

Smiles for a Virtual Party Fan
Jason :-)

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you whilst we are all in Maui. What a fabulous place to visit, it really couldn't be better. Thank you so much Jason for the lovely goodies we found in our Hotel Room - a lovely touch. Can't wait to enjoy the tropical fruits these Islands are famous for and to participate in everything you have so kindly arranged for us all.



Thank you so much to enjoy the whole spring month of March. We will live it together in the magical place you have chosen for us ☺


Oh Irena, I am so touched by your sincere comment :-)

It is a great feeling to know that you look forward to my monthly virtual events.
It always motivates me to continue to organise virtual parties.

John sends you his warm hugs.

Smiles and Greetings for You, Our Dear Friend,
Jason and John :-))


Thank you for the beautiful words ☺ you are a real gentleman ☺ I like to go to your party. I look forward to a beautiful trip every month.
Thanks and I send many cordial greetings to you and John.


Hello Irena,

Happy March :-)

My virtual parties are a success because of all the friends and guests who have gathered at such events. They are the folks who make my parties wonderful.

Do spend some time here, mingle among these gorgeous party goers, who are great friends of ours, and enjoy Maui with them.

Irena, you know that you are always invited and welcome to my virtual parties.

Cheers, Irena. And I wish you Good Health and Much Happiness :-)

Smiles for My Regular Virtual Party Friend,
Jason :-)


Hi Sparky,

Thank you so much for the compliment on my virtual parties :-)

It is a wonderful party because of all the friends and guests who are here. They are a host's dream guests - folks who are friendly, positive, appreciative and know how to have fun and make others happy. We are blessed to have them with us.

The virtual food is yummy. The drinks are wonderful. The whole place, especially during dinner at the beach where we are having a Luau feast has a festive atmosphere with all the decorations that we will find at such a setting. And we are all dressed for such a joyous occasion.

Yes, I am thankful that John is doing well. To God be the Glory.

Aloha, my dear friend and Cheers.

Smiles for an Appreciative Friend of My Virtual Parties,
Jason and John :-))


Hi friend Jason.
Your March offer for holidays and birthday parties is again very lucrative. I am very much looking forward to all the experiences and moments spent with friends from all over the world.
Thank you for the invitation and I wish the celebrants in the best and strong health.
Regards Irena


HAPPY MARCH DEAREST JASON AND JOHN AND ALL FRIENDS HERE - what a wonderful party ☺ Maui sounds delightful - I should arrive in a few hours - plane was delayed !!! Oh my goodness what a feast and what festivities lie in store for us, you host the best parties .. EVER!!!! Thanks for going to all this trouble xx so happy to hear john is doing well ☺☺ Sending aloha hugs and blowing kisses ♥♥♥♥


Val and Jim, a warm welcome to the beautiful island of Maui :-)

It is a lovely place for a gathering of friends. A place that provides relaxation, interest, excitement, good weather, tasty food and healing.

Friends are welcome to custom make their vacation here.

I know that both of you will know how to tailor a Hawaiian vacation to suite your needs.

Smiles for the Wellbeing of Two Good Friends,
Jason :-)


Hello Patti,

I am glad to hear that you are having a great time here :-)

Thank you for letting me know that you like the quote that accompanies this puzzle.

May all of us find balance in our lives.

Smiles of Healing and Balance,
Jason :-)


Hi, Iris,

It is so wonderful to be with and among friends on a vacation in a place with warm sunshine and cool breezes.

Jigidi friends are great companions for virtual parties and holidays. You are definitely one of them.

I know that you will know how to enjoy yourself and at the same time make others feel at ease and have a good time, too.

Smiles for a Good Friend,
Jason :-)


Thank you Jason, Jim and I would so enjoy a relaxing holiday right now this sounds absolutely wonderful with all the great detail you have gone into, looking forward to seeing all our Jigidi friends☺♥


Hi Jason! Thanks for another great party! Love the Chopra quote. :) Happy March!


So good to be in a sunny warm place and laughing and playing with bunches of great friends. grins!☺


You are most welcome, John :-)

Thank you for being here.

Warm Smiles for a Friend,


Thank you Jason.


Excellently, Parson :-)

That was a good pun that you have coined.

Smiles, and More Smiles,
Jason :-)


Aloha, Suzy :-)

I welcome you to Maui with a flower lei. It looks pretty on you.

So glad that you like this virtual party and the activities that I have planned and the food that the Virtual Chef has prepared for us.

It is a joy to know that you are so relaxed and are enjoying yourself.

Ha, ha, you have found another reason to celebrate - receiving Vaccination in real life against that awful virus. Luckily, all of us are healthy, strong and fit at virtual parties and all kinds of virus cannot attend such parties.

Thank you for making my friends and guests feel at home, Suzy.

Yes, do join in as many of the activities as you like. They will be fun and exciting. Educational, too.

My virtual parties do tend to be on the lavish side. Should I make future ones simple ones - ha, ha, that means less work and effort on my part.

To your Good Health and Happiness, Suzy. Cheers.

Smiles for an Active Participant at Virtual Parties,
Jason :-)


Aloha, Oynot, my dear friend :-)

Allow me to place a foral lei necklace on you.
I have selected one to match your outfit.

Thank you for joining us at this Maui celebration.
I see that you are good at participating in virtual party.
It is such a blessing to have you with us.

I love the sight and sound of the ocean.
And, like you, I love my Jigidi friends.
They are loving and caring folks.
Such wonderful pals to have and to treasure.

May all of us be surrounded by Love, Peace and Joy -
On this virtual vacation and always.

Oynot, speed in solving a puzzle is not important
- both of us know that :-0
It is the fun in piecing the puzzle together that matters.

I will toast to your Good Health and Much Happiness.
Cheers, my friend.

Smiles of Having Friends at a Virtual Party,
Jason :-)


The more people who attend, the Maui-er.


Aloha, Jason!
The party tour for the month of March sounds glorious. I have read over the selection of beaches, the list of suggested activities and am blown away by the plethora of food and beverage from which to choose. As the guests arrive, I will sit here with a Mojito and greet them as they arrive with a toast, a chorus of Happy (Birthday, Anniversary, or Congratulations on receiving your Vaccination) ¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥(✿◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯ as I continue to peruse all of the options Maui holds for all of us.
Thank you for hosting such a lavish celebration, once again!!!



May Love, Peace and Joy always be with you as well Jason :-)
Uh, my time was 1:05 :-(


Oh my Jason, I can already smell the ocean and being surrounded by such wonderful Jigidi friends :-)


Aloha, Robin :-)

John and I welcome you to Maui.
John would like to adorn you with a flower lei necklace.

An Advanced Happy Birthday Greeting to your son who will be celebrating his birthday on 5 March. May he have many blessings throughout the year.

Come, let us join the many friends who have gathered here. Have some yummy food and a refreshing drink, Robin.

Smiles for Friends Wearing Flower Lei Necklaces,
Jason and John :-))


My son's birthday is 5 March and a celebration in Maui sounds wonderful! You have done so much research and planning for this great party. Thanks and best wishes for the month for you and John and all our jiogidi friends with March birthdays.


Aloha, dear Pat :-)

Welcome to this March Virtual Party.

So good to hear that you are ready to party, too :-)

Let the fun begin :-))))

But, first, a toast to your Good Health and Happiness. Cheers.

Smiles of Having Fun at Virtual Parties,
Jason :-)


Here and ready to party too ...


Hello Parson,

Aloha :-)

Thank you for coming to this party.

No worries, you ate virtual food, so you have put on virtual weight only which is weightless. They will varnish before you know it.

Thank you for asking. John is fine. He seems healthy and is taking good care of himself.
I am trying my best to get him to cut down on his intake of simple carbohydrates.

Smiles of Having Calorie-Free Virtual Food,
Jason and John :-))


I wouldn't miss a party this BIG, Jason. Hope you and your friend are doing well. I gained weight at your last party. But I can get it off later.


Hi Minibank,

It is always so wonderful to see you at my virtual parties :-)

Glad that you like parties and know how to relax and just enjoy yourself.

Thank you for being with us in this March celebration.

As you have just said, my dear friend, let us party on.



Party on, i am here, see you all, great food, thank you jason


Dear Oynot,

As promised, I have tagged you to this virtual party that I am hosting
and I hope that you will enjoy it.

Please feel free to enjoy any of the virtual food that you would like to eat or sample and do take part in some of the activities :-)

See you, soon.


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