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Let It Snow! (L)

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  1. Pooka12:01
  2. stones12:45
  3. troutmma13:43
  4. marjorie18:56
  5. mysticbricks19:44
  6. wootshill19:44
  7. HaH20:04
  8. clamas20:20
  9. doubletrouble20:40
  10. cwa1enga20:41


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Elizabeth - I used to ski and loved to walk in the snow. Now, I worry about my wellies getting stuck in the snow and me falling on my face making "reverse snow angels!" HaHa

Sue - Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I tried not to use the traditional red and green only. I like the blues. :))))

what a great puzzle -- fun, colorful and so full of winter wonders -- thanks Jan!


Gorgeous images!!! I love the sheep (of course)!!
I'm in the mood for snow. Are you? I love snow but am half afraid to say so because I'm in a minority. So anyway, seeing all these snowflakes felt great!!


GG4 - thank you so very much! Merry Christmas to you. In one week, I will be surrounded by only 3 grandkids. Seems like so many more! LOL

Woodowl - I do enjoy them so much. Yours are always a bit different and fun! :)))
Looking forward to seeing the new. :))


Glad you've been enjoying them Jan. They've been fun to do and I haven't finished yet.

Thank you for the lovely and fun puzzle and have a Merry Christmas.


EKBrown - thanks so much! I see you are relatively new to Jigidi! Welcome and enjoy! It has been an incredible experience for me and I hope you love it, too! Jan


Woodowl, thank you so much! He is mighty cute! BTW, I have been enjoying your "fruit series" puzzles. Thank you for taking the time to make them! :))

Love the snow duds. My House is full of them. Thank you.


Love the leaping ermine!!

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