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Morris Davidson—Untitled, 1961

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"Morris Davidson, a 20th-century artist who was passionate about abstract painting...

"Davidson was an American painter, teacher and writer who lived from 1898 to 1979. He studied art in Baltimore, at the Art Institute of Chicago, with painters in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and eventually in Paris.

“Davidson was devoted to the kind of abstract art that was inspired by the ‘School of Paris,’ a group of French and émigré artists who worked in Paris during the first half of the 20th century,' Murphy said. 'His paintings had strong elements of cubism with the superimposition of planes of color and objects abstracted down to their geometric essences.'”
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  3. bravette424:06
  4. LinneaE4:08
  5. Bruno124:12
  6. szsand4:15
  7. mydoghasfleas4:16
  8. flamingo914:19
  9. joot4:22
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ha! Gayle, you nailed! that's what Davidson was trying to say.
great painting........ beautiful


Ah Ha! it's the answer for sure!


Thanks, Cazneaux, Nev, Szsand, and Ron for taking the time to enjoy Davidson's painting. Ron, I think it is Davidson's canvas where he painted out all of the paint from his brushes before moving on to another color. Sort of the last step before cleaning his brushes. :-))


Love it.........whatever it is.


Wonderful, both the art itself and the puzzle. Thank you for sharing!


Further from your source, Gayle:-

Murphy noted that in Davidson’s later years, he became a strong critic of abstract expressionism, which evolved during the 1940s with a group of artists based in New York. During that time many art critics and aficionados turned their focus from Paris to New York. Davidson, however, stayed with the earlier mode of abstractionism that became popular during the 1920s. “[lquote]That might be one reason Davidson’s paintings are not as well-known as those of some of his peers[/lquote],” Murphy said.

Thanks, Gayle. Like cazneaux (a fellow Aussie), this one very much appeals to me. I think its the palette Davidson uses - a great mix of bright colours.


Love it!

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